Waterbirth Unplugged

2nd Edition

International Perspectives of Waterbirth


  • Beverley Lawrence Beech
    • Print ISBN 9781898507536


    It comprises a collection of chapters covering all aspects of waterbirth as well as a look at how waterbirth practices differ around the world.

    Topics include:
    * Why a waterbirth? Marsden Wagner, Janet Balaskas and Michel Odent
    * The physiology of waterbirth. Gerd Eldering and Konrad Selke and Paul Johnson
    * Waterbirth and the family. Jayn Ingrey and Roger Lichy
    * Technology and childbirth. Beverley Lawrence Beech and Rosemary Jenkins
    * Waterbirth and the mid-wife. Caroline Flint, Cass Nightingale and Dianne Garland.
    * Waterbirth and the obstetician. Jole Muscat, Michael Adam, Patrick Snora, Michael J Rosenthal and Faith Haddad.
    * Waterbirth internationally. Athena Vassie, Piera Maghella and Anne Uller.
    * Waterbirth - the way forward. Judy Bothamley, Joanne Chadwick, Yehudi Gordon and Lesley Page.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction; Opening address by Baroness Cumberlege;
    Why a water birth: Birth in the 21st Century – Where are we going?, Why do women want a birth pool?, Are we marine chimps?; The physiology of water birth: Water birth – a possible mode of delivery?, Birth under water – to breathe or not to breath?; Water birth and the family: Parents' rights when choosing to use a birth pool, Water births in a rural community; Technology and childbirth: Is obstetrics good for your health?, Assessing the effect of a new health technology; Water birth and the midwife: Water birth and the role of the midwife, Water and pain relief – observations of over 570 water births at Hillingdon, The role of the midwifery supervisor; Water birth and the obstetrician: A thousand water births – selection criteria and outcome, Water birth in Vienna – facts, thoughts and philosophy of the Geburtshaus, Water birth in a private medical hospital in France, The use of warm water immersion in labour at the Family Birthing Centre of Upland (California), Labour and birth in water – An Obstetrician's observations over a decade; Water birth internationally: Water birth in Australia, Water birth in Italy, Water birth in Denmark; Water birth - The way forward: Evaluating immersion in water – issues to be considered regarding a randomised controlled trial, Water birth – the safety issues, Surviving the onslaught of the uninformed; Water Birth Practice Questionnaire.


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