The Visualization Handbook provides an overview of the field of visualization by presenting the basic concepts, providing a snapshot of current visualization software systems, and examining research topics that are advancing the field. This text is intended for a broad audience, including not only the visualization expert seeking advanced methods to solve a particular problem, but also the novice looking for general background information on visualization topics. The largest collection of state-of-the-art visualization research yet gathered in a single volume, this book includes articles by a “who’s who” of international scientific visualization researchers covering every aspect of the discipline, including: · Virtual environments for visualization · Basic visualization algorithms · Large-scale data visualization · Scalar data isosurface methods · Visualization software and frameworks · Scalar data volume rendering · Perceptual issues in visualization · Various application topics, including information visualization.

Key Features

* Edited by two of the best known people in the world on the subject; chapter authors are authoritative experts in their own fields; * Covers a wide range of topics, in 47 chapters, representing the state-of-the-art of scientific visualization.


Engineers, computer scientists, economists, demographers, and medical practitioners concerned with modeling/visualization of large data sets.

Table of Contents

Visualization Handbook Section One: Introduction by Johnson and Hansen Chapter 1. Overview of Visualization by Schroeder Section Two: Scalar Field Visualization - Isosurfaces Chapter 1. Accelerated Isosurface Extraction Approaches by Livnat Chapter 2. Time Dependent Isosurface Extraction by Shen Chapter 3. Optimal Isosurface Extraction by Scopigno, Cignoni, Montani and Puppo Chapter 4. Isosurface Extraction using Extrema Graphs by Koyamada and Takayuki Chapter 5. Isosurfaces and Level-Sets by Whitaker Section Three: Scalar Field Visualization – Volume Rendering Chapter 1. Overview of Volume Rendering by Arie Kaufman and Klaus Mueller Chapter 2. Volume Rendering using Splatting by Crawfis, Xue and Zhang Chapter 3. Multi-Dimensional Transfer Functions for Volume Rendering by Kniss, Kindlemann and Hansen Chapter 4. Preintegrated Volume Rendering by Kraus and Ertl Chapter 5. Hardware-Accelerated Volume Rendering by Pfister Section Four: Vector Field Visualization Chapter 1. Flow Visualization Overview by Weiskopf and Erlebacher Chapter 2. Flow Textures by Gordon Erlebacher, Jobard and Weiskopf Chapter 3. Detection and Visualization of Vortices by Jiang, Machiraju, and Thompson Section Five: Tensor Field Visualization Chapter 1. Oriented Tensor Reconstruction by Leonid Zhukov and Alan H. Barr Chapter 2. Diffusion Tensor MRI Visualization by Zang, Kindlemann and Laidlaw Chapter 3. Topological Methods for Tensor Visualization by Scheuermann and Tricoche Section Six: Geometric Modeling for Visualization


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