Virtual Patient Encounters for Paramedic Practice Today - Revised Reprint

1st Edition

Above and Beyond


  • Barbara Aehlert
    • Print ISBN 9780323085502

    Key Features

    • Now updated to reflect the 2010 emergency cardiovascular care guidelines.
    • An extraordinary study guide helps students take the knowledge they learn in Paramedic Practice Today: Above and Beyond, and apply it to 15 complex patient care scenarios in a virtual prehospital setting - promoting mastery of NSC competencies.
    • Two different types of lessons are included in each VPE study guide: preparatory (foundational) lessons and summative lessons to ensure that students can benefit from the study guide exercises throughout their class, not just as a summary tool.
    • The preparatory lessons cover a particular topic by using multiple cases. The lesson on patient assessment, for example, is a preparatory lesson that covers multiple cases in the software.
    • Summative lessons parallel the clinical chapters in the textbook and demonstrate the student's ability to manage particular medical or trauma conditions.
    • Interactive patient care simulation software is used for each study guide lesson, featuring scenario-setting videos, virtual assessment tools, treatment protocols, emergency drug information, intervention wizards, and more.
    • Serves as a bridge between the classroom and clinicals, so students truly understand how theory applies to situations they’ll face in the real world.
    • Realistic, emerging conditions of the patient are a direct result of students' interventions (student's interventions can and will change the patient's condition).
    • Hands-on learning makes it easy for audio, visual, and kinesthetic learners.
    • Prepares students for clinicals by removing the risk of harming real patients and builds their confidence throughout the course.
    • Makes assessment of students easy be


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