Video Demystified

4th Edition

Print ISBN: 9780750678223
eBook ISBN: 9780080481623
Imprint: Newnes
Published Date: 7th September 2004
Page Count: 960
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Table of Contents

Ch 1: Introduction Ch 2; Introduction to Video Ch 3: Color Spaces Ch 4: Video Signals Overview Ch 5: Analog Video Interfaces Ch 6: Digital Video Interfaces Ch 7: Digital Video Processing Ch 8: NTSC/PAL/SECAM Overview
Ch 9: NTSC and PAL Digital Encoding and Decoding Ch 10: H.261 and H.263 Ch 11: Consumer DV Video Compression Ch 12: MPEG-1 Video Compression Ch 13: MPEG-2 Video Compression Ch 14: MPEG-4 Video Compression, including H.264 Ch 15: ATSC Digital Television Ch 16: OpenCable Digital Television Ch 17: DVB Digital Television Ch 18: ISDB Digital Television Ch 19: IPTV Ch 20: Glossary Index


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“The book is a strong combination of introductory text and reference work on video. The contents are very academic and technical. It should be useful for practicing hardware developers and engineers and college students in related fields. It is recommended for academic libraries and special libraries serving these audiences.” – Xu Peng, Business Librarian, Michigan State University Gast Business Library “I have never seen such a wealth of useful information about video signals as the author provides in this book. And with today’s emphasis on multimedia computers, video-processing devices, and graphic add-in boards, the book in invaluable, whether you're a test engineering or a designer.” – Test and Measurement World “Since there’s so much to know about video – techniques, coding, formats, protocols, signal shapes, connectors, pinouts and more – I recommend an excellent, comprehensive book that I have seen on this topic. It is Video Demystified … this 900-page book is great to have handy.” — Bill Schweber, Editor, Planet Analog