This volume contains almost all of the 79 papers presented at the Fourth International Conference on Vibrations at Surfaces. The proceedings reflect the significant advances that have been made in the field of surface vibrations since the previous conference on the topic held in 1982. The presented papers showed a tendency of development in new directions, particularly in relation to dynamical effects occurring in atom and molecule-surface interactions. These proceedings cover the field of surface vibrational spectroscopy in such a way as to make the book an asset to those involved in both experimental and theoretical work in this field.

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(Limitations of space allows only for the invited papers and a random selection of the short communications to be mentioned). Interactions of adsorbate vibrations with phonons and electrons (T.B. Grimley). Surface phonon dispersion of ordered overlayers (S. Lehwald et al.). Infrared laser-induced photodesorption of adsorbed and condensed phases (I. Hussla). Sticking of molecular hydrogens: the role of phonons and rotational excitations (S. Andersson et al.). Motion of an adsorbed atom: theory and numerical results (G. Wahnstrom). Analyses for the C-O stretch frequency shifts of CO chemisorbed on Cu(100) in the absence and presence of an electric field (W. Muller et al.). `SERS activity' of coldly deposited Ag and Cu films quenched by oxygen (E. Erturk). Infrared spectroscopy of molecules on metal single-crystal surfaces (M.A. Chesters). Dynamics of H chemisorbed on Si(100) and W(100) studied by high resolution infrared spectroscopy (Y.J. Chabal). Coverage dependence of the vibrational frequencies of adsorbed H on W(100) (A. Yoshimori et al.). Dynamics of molecular processes at surfaces: vibrational lineshapes and spectra (J.W. Gadzuk). Unfiled levels and excited states of adsorbates on metal surfaces (Ph. Avouris et al.). Adsorption of water on Cu(100) and Pd(100) at low temperatures: observation of monomeric water (C. Nyberg et al.). Adsorption and reactivity of 1-3 cyclooentadiene on Pt(111) (N.R. Avery et al.). HREELS studies of simple ionic solids (P.A. Cox). Inelastic electron scattering from ultrathin metallic films on Si(111) (B.N.J. Perrson et al.). The formation and decomposition of water and hydrogen on GexSi1-x(100)2xl (J.A. Schaefer et al.). Vibrational motions of Co2 adsorbed on the (100) Face of NaCl. Normal coordinates and frequencies (J. Heidberg et al.). Interaction of CO molecules with evaporated silver, gold and copper films: an infrared spectroscopic investigation using a thermal detection technique (P. Dumas et a


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