This volume of Advances in Veterinary Medicine, derived in part from the First Veterinary Vaccines and Diagnostic Conferences, deals with vaccines, an especially active area of veterinary research and controversy.


Veterinary scientists, animal scientists, and industry involved in vaccine effectiveness, biotechnology, development, and interaction.

Table of Contents

Vaccines and Diagnostics: Historic and Contemporary Perspectives: M.C. Horzinek, Vaccination--A Philosophical View. I. Tizzard, Grease, Anthraxgate, and Kennel Cough: A Revisionist History of Veterinary Vaccines. J.F. Evermann and I.S. Eriks, Diagnostic Medicine: The Challenge of Differentiating Infection from Disease and Making Sense for the Veterinary Clinician. Concepts in Immunology and Vaccinology: B.N. Wilke and B.A. Mallard, Genetic Effects on Vaccination. M.E. Cook, Nutritional Effects on Vaccination. M.G. Kehrli, J.L. Burton, B.J. Nonnecke, and E.K. Lee, Effects of Stress on Leukocyte Trafficking and Immune Responses: Implication for Vaccination. M.P. Murtaugh and D.L. Foss, The Role of Macrophage Cytokines in Mucosal Adjuvanticity. M.W. Russell, H-Y. Wu, G. Hajishengallis, S.K. Hollingshead, and S. Michalek, Cholera Toxin B Subunit as an Immunomodulator for Muscosal Vaccine Delivery. P.L. Nara, Deceptive Imprinting: Insights into Mechanisms of Immune Evasion and Vaccine Development. I.M. Orme, Vaccination Against Tuberculosis: Recent Progress. M. Sheppard, Viral Vectors for Veterinary Vaccines. L.A. Babiuk, J. Lewis, S. van den Hurk, and R. Braun, DNA Immunization: Present and Future. Bovine Vaccines and Diagnostics: J.T. van Oirschot, Bovine Viral Vaccines, Diagnostics and Eradication: Past, Present and Future. L. B. Corbeil, Immunization and Diagnosis in Bovine Reproductive Tract Infections. E.N.T. Meeusen and J.F. Maddox, Progress and Expectations for Helminth Vaccines. R.J. Yancey, Jr., Vaccines and Diagnostic Methods for Bovine Ma


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