Veterinary Surgical Instruments

1st Edition

An Illustrated Guide


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    The current failure rate for students of Veterinary Nursing is high, due in part to the fact that there is a shortage of suitable texts available.

    One key skill every student must acquire is the ability to differentiate between the various surgical instruments in use. In the past, the shortage of published material in this area has even meant students resorted to collecting equipment manufacturers' brochures for learning purposes!

    This book will provide a timely guide to each of the instruments in common use. Illustrated throughout, Veterinary Surgical Instruments: an illustrated guide includes line drawings depicting the working heads of the instruments on an enlarged scale, as well as providing a concise description of their usage and design.and physiology, management, hygiene and feeding, first aid, basic hospital practice, and the theory and practice of nursing.

    Table of Contents

    GENERAL INSTRUMENTS: Artery forceps - Kocher Rochester Oschner, Spencer Wells, Halstead Mosquito; Scissors - Mayo, Metzenbaum, Spencer Stitch, Carless, Standard, Lister; Dissecting forceps - Standard, Plain and Toothed, Continental Standard (End Toothed); Adsons; Emmett, Debakey; Tissue forceps - Allis, Babcock, Duval; Visceral clamps - Doyen Mayo-Robson, Parker-Kerr; Towel clamps - Cross Action, Backhaus; Scalpel handles and blades - Scalpel Handles, Scalpel Blades; Retractors (handheld) - Langenbeck, Hohmann, Volkmann, Czerny; Retractors (self-retaining) - Gelpi, Travers, Cone, Gosset, Balfour, Finochietto; Needle holders - Gillies, Mayo Hegar, Bruce Clarke, Olsen Hegar, McPhail; Diathermy equipment - Lead/Cable, Quiver, Beare Dissecting Forceps, Robin Anchoring Clip; SPECIALIST EQUIPMENT: Orthopaedic equipment - Stille Chisel, Stille Osteotome, Stille Gouge, Adson Periosteal Elevator, Small Mallet, Stille Luer Rongeurs, Pennybacker Rongeurs, Lempert Rongeurs, Laminectomy Rongeurs, Paton Bone Cutting Forceps, Ruskin Liston Bone Cutting Forceps, Fergusson Bone Cutting Forceps, Hey Grove Bone Holding Forceps, Kern Bone Holding Forceps and Cutters, Jacobs Chuck for Intramedullary Pinning, Wire Twisters, Graft Passer, Volkmann Curette; Implants - Steinmann Pin, Rush Pin, Venables Plate, Sherman Plate, Dynamic Compression Plate, Reconstruction Plate, Cancellous Screw, Cortical Screw, Self Tapping Screw; ASIF equipment - Drill Bit, Drill Guide, Drill Sleeve, Depth Gauge, Tap, Tap Handle, Screwdriver, Countersink; Ophthalmic instruments - Iris Scissors, Tenotomy (Stevens) Scissors, Castroviejo Scissors, Catford Forceps, Chalazion Forceps, Bennett Cilia Forceps, Capsulorhexis Forceps, Micro-corneal Tying Forceps, Capsule Forceps, Kirby Expressor Hook and Lens Loop, Williams Speculum, Barraquer Speculum, Nettleship Dilator, Castroviejo Needle Holders; Dental instruments - Extraction Forceps, Apical Elevator, Periosteal Elevator, Subgingival Curette, Supragingival Scaler, D


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