Zeolite synthesis is an active field of research. As long as this continues, new phases will be discovered and new techniques for preparing existing phases will appear. This edition of Verified Synthesis of Zeolitic Materials contains all the recipes from the first edition plus 24 new recipes. Five new introductory articles have been included plus those from the first edition, some of which have been substantially revised. The XRD patterns have been recorded using different instrument settings from those in the first edition and are intended to conform to typical X-ray diffraction practice. In most cases, only the XRD pattern for the productas synthesised is printed here. The exceptions are those phases which show marked changes in the XRD pattern upon calcination.


For researchers and graduates wanting a particular phase enough to attempt its synthesis in the laboratory.

Table of Contents

Selected Contents. Introduction to Zeolite Synthesis. Source materials for zeolite synthesis. The pH value and its importance for the crystallization of zeolites. Safety considerations for zeolite synthesis. Characterization of zeolites by SEM. Ion-exchange capacity. How to read a patent. Synthesis Recipes. AEI - SAPO-18 (DPEA method). BEA - Zeolite Beta. CHA - Chabazite. EDI - Linde Type F. FAU - High-silica Faujasite EMC-1. GIS - Zeolite P. KFI - High-silica ZK-5. LTA - Zeolite Alpha. MFI - High-alumina ZSM-5. OFF - Offretite. PHI - High-alumina Phillipsite. VFI - VPI-5 (DPA method).


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