Vascular and Neurological Changes in Early Diabetes

Vascular and Neurological Changes in Early Diabetes

Advances in Metabolic Disorders, Vol. 2

1st Edition - January 1, 1973

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  • Editors: Rafael A. Camerini-Dávalos, Harold S. Cole
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483215556

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Advances in Metabolic Disorders, Supplement 2: Vascular and Neurological Changes in Early Diabetes covers knowledge of the vascular and neurological changes in early diabetes. The book discusses the prevalence of macroangiopathy in asymptomatic diabetes, the prevalence of asymptomatic diabetes in human atherosclerosis, and the observations made in seeking evidence for macroangiopathy, microangiopathy, and neurological changes in patients with latent diabetes. The text also describes angiopathy and neuropathy in mild juvenile diabetes; the role of insulin in the development of atherosclerosis; and the effect of insulin on lipid metabolism of human arteries. Discussions about microangiopathy, including topics on serum glycoprotein disturbances and their rheological effects in diabetes mellitus; the biochemical properties of human glomerular basement membrane in normal and diabetic kidneys; and the plasma levels of growth hormone and glucagon in diabetic patients and relatives of diabetic patients are also considered. The book further tackles topics about neuropathy, including the role of sorbitol pathway in neuropathy, the polyol pathway in the neuropathy of early diabetes, as well as nervous abnormalities in early diabetes. The text concludes by looking into the effect of treatment on diabetes. Endocrinologist, biochemists, physiologists, and researchers working on related topics will find the book useful.

Table of Contents

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    I. Macroangiopathy

    Macroangiopathy—Its Prevalence in Asymptomatic Diabetes

    The Prevalence of Asymptomatic Diabetes in Human Atherosclerosis

    A Search for Macroangiopathy in Patients with Latent Diabetes

    Angiopathy and Neuropathy in Mild Juvenile Diabetes


    The Role of Insulin in the Development of Atherosclerosis

    Effect of Insulin on Lipid Metabolism of Human Arteries

    Glucose Lipogenesis in Rabbit Aorta in Relation to Age, Degree of Atherosclerosis, and the Presence of Insulin


    Hypertriglyceridemia in Early Diabetes

    Altered Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism and Coronary Heart Disease among Men in Tecumseh, Michigan

    Insulin, Glucose and Lipid Levels in Mild Diabetics in Relation to Complications

    Invited Discussants


    Studies in the Functional Properties of Vascular Mucopolysaccharides

    Proline Hydroxylase in Injury-Induced Arteriosclerosis

    Polyol Pathway Activity in Aorta

    Invited Discussant


    Diabetic Macroangiopathy: Blood Flow and Radiological Studies


    II. Microangiopathy

    Genetic Transmission of Vasculopathy in KK Mice


    The Metabolism of the Isolated Renal Glomerulus and Its Basement Membranes

    Serum Glycoprotein Disturbances and their Rheological Effects in Diabetes Mellitus


    Biochemical Properties of Human Glomerular Basement Membrane in Normal and Diabetic Kidneys

    Biochemistry of the Glomerular Basement Membrane in Diabetes


    Growth Hormone and Diabetic Angiopathy

    Comparative Metabolic and Clinical Studies of Sexual Ateliotic Dwarfs and Diabetics

    Plasma Levels of Growth Hormone and Glucagon in Diabetic Patients and Relatives of Diabetic Patients


    Plasma Epinephrine and Plasma Norepinephrine Concentrations in Early Diabetes


    Microangiopathy and Early Diabeticlike Sugar Tolerances in Animals with Induced Thyroid Immunity

    Microangiopathy in the Experimentally Diabetic Animal

    Vascular Changes Accompanying Dysmetabolism in Rabbits

    Microvascular Alterations in Chronically Streptozotocin-Diabetic Rats


    Ultrastructure of Glomerular Lesions in KK Mice

    Related Factors in the Progression of Microangiopathy in KK Mice

    Microangiopathy in Animals with Spontaneous Diabetes

    Retinal and Renal Microangiopathy in Carp with Spontaneous Diabetes Mellitus

    Invited Discussant


    Diabetic Basement Membranelike Changes Demonstrable in Perippheral Blood Lymphocytes

    Ophthalmoscopic Findings and Changes in Hormonal and Metabolic Parameters in “Protodiabetes”

    Kidney Structural Abnormalities in Early Diabetes

    Invited Discussants


    The Capillaries of South African Diabetics in Perspective

    Diabetic Microangiopathy: Electron Microscope Findings in Human Muscle

    Capillary Basement Membrane Thickness in Early Diabetes

    Early Capillary Basement Membrane Changes in Subjects with Diabetes Mellitus


    Deterioration of Tolerance to Glucose and Progression of the Microangiopathy: Effect of Treatment (Preliminary Report)

    Microvascular Changes in Early Diabetes Mellitus


    Basement Membrane Thickening in Latent Diabetes

    The Microvascular Complications of Early Diabetes in the Pima Indians


    III. Neuropathy

    Role of Sorbitol Pathway in Neuropathy

    The Polyol Pathway in the Neuropathy of Early Diabetes


    Nervous Abnormalities in Early Diabetes


    Ultrastructural Pathology of Peripheral Nervous System in Early Diabetes

    Neurological Findings in Chemical Diabetes

    Neurological Changes in Early Diabetes

    Clinical Features of Peripheral Neuropathy Associated with Hypoglycemia

    Invited Discussants


    IV. Effect of Treatment

    Effect of Hypophysectory and Growth Hormone Treatment on the Composition of Canine Aorta


    Cardiovascular Complications in Diabetics


    Therapy of Early Diabetes: The University Group Diabetes Program

    Invited Discussants


    Borderline Diabetics and their Response to Tolbutamide

    Long-Term Treatment of Patients with Abnormal Intravenous Glucose Tolerance after Myocardial Infarction

    Vascular Disease in Diabetes and the Effect of Oral Antidiabetic Agents

    Treatment of Chemical Diabetes with Chlorpropamide and the Associated Mortality

    Progress Report on the Prophylactic Use of Oral Hypoglycemic Drugs in Asymptomatic Diabetes: Neurovascular Studies

    Improvement in Motor Nerve Conduction Following Treatment in Newly Diagnosed Diabetics

    The Effects of Metformin on Lipid-Induced Atherosclerosis

    Invited Discussants


    Subject Index

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  • No. of pages: 620
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1973
  • Published: January 1, 1973
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483215556

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