Variation in Chemical Composition of the Nervous System - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080114286, 9781483138664

Variation in Chemical Composition of the Nervous System

1st Edition

As Determined by Developmental and Genetic Factors

Editors: G. B. Ansell
eBook ISBN: 9781483138664
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1966
Page Count: 120
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Variation in Chemical Composition of the Nervous System: As Determined by Developmental and Genetic Factors documents the proceedings of the International Neurochemical Conference held in Oxford, 1965. The three years since the last neurochemical meeting have witnessed rapid progress in the whole field of biology, including the development of new concepts based on fresh experimental data and new technical tools. A great deal of concentrated effort have led to advances in the molecular aspects of biological processes ,which have perhaps had most to offer to the formation of new concepts of primary cellular events, especially the genetic mechanism, regulatory cell processes, and protein production. This volume contains 100 chapters that provide an overview of the state of knowledge on the genetic and developmental aspects of the central nervous system. Topics covered include the activity of a plasma logenase in the brain of the developing rat; genetic selection of rats differing in brain biochemistry; the effects of thyroid hormones on steroid deposition in developing chick brain; and developmental changes in the gamma globulins of bovine cerebrospinal fluid.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. The Activity of a Plasma Logenase in the Brain of the Developing Rat

Chapter 2. The Enzymic Formation of Cerebroside Sulphate in Sheep Brain

Chapter 3. Genetic Selection of Rats Differing in Brain Biochemistry

Chapter 4. Compartmentation of Glutamic Acid Metabolism in Developing Cat Brain

Chapter 5. The Determination and Distribution of Glutamine Synthetase in Developing Cat Brain

Chapter 6. Hydrolase Isozymes in Infant and Adult Human Brain

Chapter 7. Studies on Nad- and Nadp- Dependent Enzymes in Peripheral Nerve

Chapter 8. Chromatographic Separation and Quantitative Analysis of Some Amines

Chapter 9. The Participation of N-Acetylaspartic Acid in Acetylation Processes of Brain

Chapter 10. On the Glycoupids of the Developing Rat Brain

Chapter 11. Comparison between Serum Iron Level and Muscular Myoglobin Content in Neuromuscular Diseases

Chapter 12. Cell-Free Amino Acid Incorporation Systems from Ribosomal and Mitochondrial Fractions of Immature Rat Brain

Chapter 13. The Synthesis of Glycogen in Developing Nervous System

Chapter 14. Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase and Phosphogluconate Dehydrogenase of Human Brain

Chapter 15. Variation in Protein Biosynthetic Activity and Its Response to Morphine Administration in Brain Particulate Fractions from Five Strains of Rats

Chapter 16. The Role of Lipids in Myelinogenesis of the Central Nervous System

Chapter 17. Growth and Development of the Central Nervous System of the Pig

Chapter 18. Comparative Histochemical and Electron Microscopical Observations on the Differentiation of the Choroid Plexus in the Embryo of the Domestic Fowl

Chapter 19. A Histochemical Investigation of the Developing Brain of Rabbit and Chickbst

Chapter 20. Pathochemical Investigation on Patients with Amaurotic Idiocy Other than Tay Sachs' Disease and on Their Relatives

Chapter 21. Serotonin in the Developing Chick Brain

Chapter 22. Proteins of Nervous Tissue

Chapter 23. Xanthine Dehydrogenase Activity in Mammalian Brain

Chapter 24. Thyroid Control of Brain Steroid Composition in Chick Embryos

Chapter 25. The Effects of Drugs on the Synthesis of Sterols and Their Deposition in Experimental and Human Brain Tumours

Chapter 26. Changes with Age in Enzyme Systems Metabolizing Glucose in the Brain

Chapter 27. Homocystinuria. Cystathionine Synthetase in Lens

Chapter 28. Glucose and Glutamic Acid Metabolism in the Optic Tectum of Embryonic and Developing Chick

Chapter 29. Locauzation and Reversible Depletion of Biogenic Alky La Mines in Adult Mammalian Brain Cell Cultures

Chapter 30. Effects of Environmental Complexity and Training on Constituents of Brain and Liver

Chapter 31. Deposition of Lipids in the Developing Human Brain

Chapter 32. The Action of the Cyanacetylhydrazone of Pyridoxal-5' -Phosphate on Cerebral Glutamate Decarboxylase: The Modification of the Electrocorticograpmc Record in the Rat

Chapter 33. A Comparison of Mitochondria from the Brain of Neonatal and Adult Rats

Chapter 34. Biosynthesis of Cerebrosides and Ganguosides in Slices of Developing Rat Brain

Chapter 35. Regional Pattern of LDH-Isoenzymes during Postnatal Development of the Rabbit Retina

Chapter 36. Variations in the Lipid Composition of Mouse Brain Myeun as a Function of Age

Chapter 37. Pharmacogenetic Aspects of Cerebral Amino Acid Metabolism in Strain 129 Mice

Chapter 38. Experimental Data Concerning Metabolic Disturbances of Tryptophan in Schizophrenia

Chapter 39. Differences between Amine Oxidases Deaminating the Structurally Related 3:4:5 - Trimethoxyphenethylamine (Mescaline) and 3:4 - Dime Thoxyphene Thy La Mine

Chapter 40. Purification of Mammalian Brain Acetylcholinesterase

Chapter 41. Kinetic Studies on the Biosynthesis of Different Ribonucleic Acids in the Cellular Compartments of the C.N.S. of Adult and Growing Rats

Chapter 42. Metabolic Blocks in Sphingolipidosis

Chapter 43. Das Verhalten der Freien Nucleotide des Rattenhirns von der Neugeburtsperiode Bis Zum Erwachsenenalter

Chapter 44. Some Aspects of the Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid-Shunt in Developing Brain

Chapter 45. Activation Analysis of Trace Elements in Nervous Tissues and the Cerebrospinal Fluid

Chapter 46. Protein Biosynthesis in the Develxdping Brain

Chapter 47. Studies of Neural Lysosomes

Chapter 48. On the Pathways of Ammonia Formation in the Brain

Chapter 49. Phosphoupids of Brain Subcellular Particles in the Chick Embryo

Chapter 50. Purification and Properties of Brain and Kidney Glutaminases

Chapter 51. A Comparative Study of Brain Esterases during Development

Chapter 52. Determination of Protein-Bound Phosphoinositides in Glial Cell Concentrates of Brain White Matter

Chapter 53. Neurolcxjical Diseases with Abnormal Ganglioside Patterns

Chapter 54. Carbohydrate Metabolism of the Developing Brain In Vivo and In Vitro

Chapter 55. Developmental Processes and Proteens and Lactate Dehydrogenase Isoenzymes in the Human Brain

Chapter 56. In Vitro Studies of the Synthesis of Sulphatides

Chapter 57. Amino Acid Metabolism in Developing Rat Brain

Chapter 58. Developmental Changes in the Gamma Globulins of Bovine Cerebrospinal Fluid

Chapter 59. The Free Nucleotides in the Brain of Rats during Post-Natal Development

Chapter 60. Levels of Cerebral Acid and Neutral Proteinase during Development

Chapter 61. The Effects of Stress on Tissue Uptake of Biogenic Amines: The Modifying Influence of Morphine Sulphate and Ethanol

Chapter 62. The Genetic Block in Metachromatic Leucodystrophy (Ml)

Chapter 63. Changes in Human Brain Cerebroside Structure with Maturation

Chapter 64. The Chemical Composition and Metabolism of Lipoproteins of the Brain

Chapter 65. The Turnover of High-Energy Phosphate in Rat Brain Following Decapitation and Convulsions

Chapter 66. Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in the Phospholipids of Developing Chick Embryonic Brain

Chapter 67. A Specific Nervous Tissue Protein

Chapter 68. Metachromatic Leucodystrophy: Chemically Abnormal Myelin and Cerebral Biopsy Studies of Three Siblings

Chapter 69. Chemical Findings, Including Abnormal Myeun and an Abnormal Ganglioside Pattern, in a Case of Subacute Sclerosing Leucoencephalitis

Chapter 70. Chemical Pathology of Congenital Amaurotic Idiocy

Chapter 71. The Effect of X-Irradiation on the 5-Hydroxytryptamine and Noradrenaline Levels in the Brain of New-Born and Adult Rats

Chapter 72. The Chounesterases in Single Nerve Cells and Clumps of Glial Cells of Albino Rats 1– 90 Days Old

Chapter 73. Cyanide Encephalopathy during Maturation: A Study of Vivo' 32p–Incorporation in Brain Fractions

Chapter 74. Biosynthesis of the RNA and Homopolynucleotides in the Cell Nuclei of the Brain

Chapter 75. Findings in a Biochemically Exceptional Form of Glycosphingolipid Storage

Chapter 76. Succinic Semialdehyde Dehydrogenase of Brain

Chapter 77. Protein-Calorie Deficiency and the Nervous System

Chapter 78. Further Studies on the Antigenic Lipids of Brain

Chapter 79. Soluble Proteins of Postnatal Rat Brain

Chapter 80. Retinal Alcohol Dehydrogenase Activity in Relation to Development and Rate of Protein Synthesis

Chapter 81. Changes in Glucose, Lactate and Lactate Dehydrogenase in the Cerebrospinal Fluid in Carcinomatous Meningitis

Chapter 82. Copper and Iron Metabolism in Wilson's Disease

Chapter 83. Environmental Determinants of Acetylcholinesterase and Cholinesterase Activities in Rat Brain

Chapter 84. Phosphoinositides of Developing Rat Brain

Chapter 85. Maturation of the Rat Brain and Na+– K+ Atpase

Chapter 86. Correlative Morphology, Physiology and Biochemistry of the Developing Nervous System

Chapter 87. An Apparent 'Primate Specific' Salivary Amine

Chapter 88. Turnover of the Lipid Components of Myelin

Chapter 89. Chemical Composition of a Myelin Fraction Obtained from Bovine White Matter

Chapter 90. Influence of the Substantia Nigra on Amines of the Striatum of the Monkey

Chapter 91. The Contribution of Endogenous Substrate to the Metabolism of Cerebral Cortex Slices from Young and Adult Guinea Pigs

Chapter 92. Vitamin B6 Group, Pantothenic Acid, and Coenzyme A in the Brain during Ontogenetic Development

Chapter 93. Structural Properties of Nerve Growth Stimulating Proteins

Chapter 94. Histochemistry and Fine Structure of the Cerebellum in Some Storage Diseases

Chapter 95. Some Biochemical Aspects of the Developing Rabbit and Chick Brain

Chapter 96. Release by Psychotropic Drugs of Non-Specific Phosphatase from Rat Brain Cell Membrane

Chapter 97. Excretion of Precursors of Porphyrins in Wilson's Disease

Chapter 98. The Isolation and Composition of A Ganglioside-Rich Membrane Fraction from New-Born Rat Brain

Chapter 99. The Aromatic Esterase , Cholinesterase , Acid Phosphatase and Lactate Dehydrogenase Activity of Brain Tumours

Chapter 100. N-Acetylaspartic Acid and Lipid Biosynthesis during Brain Development



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