Values & Visions

1st Edition

Changing Ideas


  • Linda Ward
  • Terry Philpot
    • Print ISBN 9780750622486


    change are suggested. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The aim of this book is to highlight and explore key issues in the field of learning difficulties which have been neglected during recent changes in NHS
    community services. It will be of great relevance for all practitioners and students who wish to improve the care they offer to their clients. Four main sections cover changes to people's daily lives, changes in practice, changing issues and changing
    strategies. Specialists present an authorative review of current thinking and research and, drawing on their experience of leading edge projects; suggest where there may be practical opportunities for professionals to take action. * Challenges
    professionals to learn from, and develop their practice * Discusses topics of key concern, e.g. medication, housing, employment, equal opportunities * Offers a policy perspective * Demonstrates the implications of reforms and constraints for the NHS and
    community care 'Fantastic, superb and monumental are words that sprang to mind when I first read 'Values & Visions'. In a short review it is almost impossible to give full credit to 'Values & Visions. It is a 'must buy' not only for those working in
    services for people with learning disabilities, but for all those working in 'human services'.' - Nursing Times, September 1995 'This excellent book is devided into four parts: changing lives, changing practice, changing issues and changing strategies.
    The book is essential reading for all professionals and the editors should be proud of their final product.' - Practice Nurse Journal, January 1996 'This book is a worthy successor to previous writings on these themes. Perhaps here is also an agenda for
    a new government.' - Community Care, November 1995

    Table of Contents

    EQUAL CITIZENS: Current issues for people with learning difficulties and their allies; CHANGING LIVES: Supporting families; A home of their own; Real jobs and supported employment; Choice and change; CHANGING PRACTICE: Moving forward or moving back?; A
    seamless service?; Putting people first?; Take it from us: Training by people who know what they are talking about; Contracting for change: From the bottom up; Partnership in practice; The right to complain; CHANGING ISSUES: Confronting colour blindness; A woman's place?; Issues of gender; What kind of future; Self advocacy and inclusion; A challange to change; No more double standards; For better for worse; Health lives; Clearer visions and equal value; To have and have not; What the papers say; CHANGING STRATEGIES: Building better communities; Count us in.


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