The major topic of the book is the investigation of steady and unsteady processes in reactors with a fixed catalyst bed and the formulation of practical recommendations for realizing catalytic processes of high efficiency. The material is based mainly on research carried out at the Novosibirsk Institute of Catalysis of the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Most of the information is technologically orientated and in presenting the subject matter mathematical calculations have often been omitted while the physical sense of the results obtained from the study of mathematical models is always discussed. The book has a comprehensive and detailed bibliography and keyword index. It will be especially useful for specialists in the field of chemical engineering at industrial companies who are working on the development of catalytic processes, in the operation of chemical reactors and for students and post-graduate students of the same disciplines.

Table of Contents

1. A Mathematical Model of the Reactor. 2. Mathematical Models of the kinetics of Heterogeneous Catalytic Processes. 3. Mass and Heat Transfer in a Porous Catalyst Particle. 4. Mass and Heat Transfer in a Catalyst Bed. 5. A Porous Catalyst Particle as a System with the Structure of Elementary Dynamic Units. 6. Unsteady-State Processes in a Fixed Catalyst Bed. 7. Development of Effective Contact Apparatus. 8. Number and Stability of Steady-State Regimes in Reactors with a Fixed Catalyst Bed. 9. Catalytic Processes in Forced Unsteady-State Conditions. References. Subject index.


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