This book debates the universe, the development of new technologies in the 21st century and the future of the human race. Dr Bolonkin shows that a human soul is only the information in a person’s head. He offers a new unique method for re-writing the main brain information in chips without any damage to the human brain.

This is the scientific prediction of the non-biological (electronic) civilization and immortality of the human being. Such a prognosis is predicated upon a new law, discovered by the author, for the development of complex systems. According to this law, every self-copying system tends to be more complex than the previous system, provided that all external conditions remain the same. The consequences are disastrous: humanity will be replaced by a new civilization created by intellectual robots (which Dr Bolonkin refers to as "E-humans" and "E-beings"). These creatures, whose intellectual and mechanical abilities will far exceed those of man, will require neither food nor oxygen to sustain their existence. They may have the emotion. Capable of developing science, technology and their own intellectual abilities thousands of times faster than humans can, they will, in essence, be eternal.

Key Features

  • Demonstrates that the problem of immortality can only be solved by changing the biological human into an artificial form
  • Discusses progress in robotics and other techologies


Anyone interested in artificial intelligence, robotics, computing and immortality

Table of Contents


About the Author

1. Macro World

1.1. Universe

1.2. Stars

1.3. Exotic Stars

1.4. Sun

1.5. Solar Planets

1.6. Summary

2. Micro World

2.1. Matter

2.2. Atoms, Molecules

2.3. Nucleus, Protons, Neutrons, Quarks, and Nuclear Forces

2.4. Degenerate Matter

2.5. Summary

3. Surprising Properties of Our Universe

3.1. All World (Universe) in Point, All Time (Universe History) in Moment

3.2. Travel into the Future

3.3. The Law of Existence of the Universe, the Aim of the Universe, and the Purpose of Humanity

3.4. Summary

4. What Is God?

4.1. General Notes: God

4.2. Existence of God

5. What Is the Human Soul?

5.1. General Note: Soul

5.2. Soul in Religions

5.3. Summary

6. What Is “I”? What Are “We”?

6.1. Individual (Person)

6.2. Intelligence

6.3. Artificial Intelligence

6.4. AI as a Person

6.5. Robots

6.6. Summary

7. Human Emotions, Happiness, and Pleasure

7.1. Emotions

7.2. Happiness

7.3. Pleasure

7.4. Summary

8. The Advent of the Non-Biological Civilization

8.1. The Law of Increasing Complexity

8.2. The Birth of the Electronic Civilization

8.3. “So What?”

8.4. Consequences from the Appearance of the Electronic Civilization

8.5. What Can We Do?

8.6. Must We Fear the Electronic Civilization?

8.7. Electronic Society

8.8. What Will Happen with Humanity?

8.9. Summary

9. The Beginning of Human Immortality

9.1. Medical Science and the Issue of Immortality

9.2. An Unexpected Breakthrough

9.3. Contemporary Research

9.4. Intelligence in Space

9.5. Summary

10. What are Science, Soul, Paradise, a


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About the author

Alexander Bolonkin

Affiliations and Expertise

NASA, Labs of the US Air Force, NYU, NJIT, C&R, MAI.