The principal aim of this book is to give an introduction to harmonic analysis and the theory of unitary representations of Lie groups. The second edition has been brought up to date with a number of textual changes in each of the five chapters, a new appendix on Fatou's theorem has been added in connection with the limits of discrete series, and the bibliography has been tripled in length.

Table of Contents

Fourier Series and the Torus Group T. Introduction. Fundamental Definitions. Unitary Representations of Compact groups. Fourier Series of Square Integrable Functions. Fourier Series of Smooth Functions and Distributions. Representations of SU(2) and SO(3). Construction of Irreducible Representations of SU(2). Characters of Compact Groups. Haar Measures on SU(2). Enumeration of Irreducible Representations. Lie Algebras and Their Representations. Fourier Series on SU(2). Representations of SO(3) and Spherical Harmonics. Fourier Series on Compact Lie Groups. The Fourier Transform and Unitary Representations of Rn. Rapidly Decreasing Functions. The Plancherel Theorem and the Decomposition of the Regular Representation. Positive Definite Functions and Stone's Theorem. The Paley-Wiener Theorem. Tempered Distributions and Their Fourier Transforms. The Euclidean Motion Group. Construction of Irreducible Representations. Classification of Irreducible Unitary Representations. Fourier Transforms of Rapidly Decreasing Functions. The Plancherel Theorem. Determinations of Ĝ(G) and D(G). Unitary Representation of SL(2, R). The Iwasawa Decomposition. Irreducible Unitary Representations: I. Principal Continuous Series. II. Principal Discrete Series. III. The Limit of Discrete Series. IV. Complementary Series. K-Finite Vectors. Classification of Irreducible Unitary Representations. The Characters. Inversion Formula. Harmonic Analysis of Zonal Functions. Irreducible Unitary Representations of SL (2, R): I. Discrete Series. II. Complementary Series. III. Principal Continuous Series. Appendix. Bibliography. Index.


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@from:J. Faraut @qu:It is well known by many mathematicians, and it is especially useful for young mathematicians who find in this book a nice introduction in representation theory... It is an excellent source of references on harmonic analysis and will be valuable for all researchers in this field. @source:Zentralblatt für Mathematik