Understanding the New SQL - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9781558602458, 9780080520056

Understanding the New SQL

1st Edition

A Complete Guide

Authors: Jim Melton Alan Simon
Paperback ISBN: 9781558602458
eBook ISBN: 9780080520056
Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann
Published Date: 1st October 1992
Page Count: 536
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Table of Contents

Understanging the New SQL: A Complete Guide
by Jim Melton and Alan R. Simon

    Part I SQL-92 Basics
    1 Introduction to SQL-92

      1.1 Introduction
      1.2 What is SQL?

        1.2.1 Data Sublanguages Versus Applications Languages
        1.2.2 Procedural Versus Nonprocedural Languages
      1.3 Why Do You Want This Book
      1.4 The Relational Model

        1.4.1 History and Basics
        1.4.2 Mathematical Foundations
        1.4.3 Other Database Models
      1.5 The History of the SQL Language
      1.6 SQL-92, The New Revision

        1.6.1 New Features
        1.6.2 Size of SQL-92
        1.6.3 Levels of SQL-92
        1.6.4 Conforming to SQL-92
      1.7 Chapter Summary

    2 Getting Started with SQL-92

      2.1 Introduction
      2.2 Database Management System Concepts

        2.2.1 What is a Database?
        2.2.2 What is a Database Management System?
      2.3 Data and Metadata
      2.4 Data Models
      2.5 The Relational Model

        2.5.1 Tables, Columns, and Rows (or Relations, Attributes, and Tuples)
        2.5.2 Primitive Data Types
        2.5.3 Relational Operations
        2.5.4 Closure of the Relational Model
      2.6 SQL Concepts

        2.6.2 Users and Privileges
        2.6.3 Schemas and Catalogs
      2.7 SQL Data Types

        2.7.1 Exact Numerics
        2.7.2 Approximate Numerics
        2.7.3 Character Strings
        2.7.4 Datetimes<


An effective introduction to SQL, and a comprehensive reference for years to come. As the editor of the 1992 standard, Jim Melton is an authority on the language and its new features. Using a highly readable, conversational style, he and Alan Simon clearly present the power of SQL. They describe practical methods of using SQL to solve problems, advanced SQL query expressions, dynamic SQL, transaction models, and database design.

Key Features

  • A tutorial on basic relational database concepts.

  • A clear explanation of the differences between SQL-89 and SQL-92.

  • A retail video and music store as an example that develops with the SQL presentation.

  • Coverage of international character sets.


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About the Authors

Jim Melton Author

Jim Melton is editor of all parts of ISO/IEC 9075 (SQL) and is a representative for database standards at Oracle Corporation. Since 1986, he has been his company's representative to ANSI INCITS Technical Committee H2 for Database and a US representative to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC32/WG3 (Database Languages). In addition, Jim has participated in the W3C's XML Query Working Group since 1998 and is currently co-Chair of that Working Group. He is also Chair of the WG's Full-Text Task Force, co-Chair of the Update Language Task Force, and co-editor of two XQuery-related specifications. He is the author of several SQL books.

Affiliations and Expertise

Oracle Corporation, Sandy, Utah.

Alan Simon Author

Alan Simon is a leading authority on data warehousing and database technology. He is the author of 26 books, including the previous edition of this book and the forthcoming Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for e-Commerce, available from Morgan Kaufmann Publishers in early 2001. He currently provides data warehousing-related consulting services to clients.