Understanding Hydrolats: The Specific Hydrosols for Aromatherapy

1st Edition

A Guide for Health Professionals


  • Shirley Price
  • Len Price
    • Print ISBN 9780443073168

    Key Features

    • Dispels confusion over what hydrolats and distilled waters actually are — equipping the therapist to make accurate choices in what to use for effective therapeutic interventions.
    • Analyzes the science of hydrolats and sorts fact from wild claim.
    • Extends the range of therapeutic interventions available to the practicing aromatherapist/massage therapist.

    Table of Contents


    The first aromatherapy

    Is natural safe?

    Why are waters not used more?

    Sourcing good materials

    Advantages of distilled waters

    What is their composition?

    Scientific proof — what is it?

    Other water based plant extracts

    Chapter One: Historical background

    Egypt — Nile, Edfu, priest embalmers, architects
    Aromatics worldwide — China, India, Middle East, Jewish, Greek, Roman

    Development of distillation — golden age of the Arabs, alcohol, alchemists





    New plants

    Still rooms

    Renaissance herbals

    Hungary water, carmelite water, eau de cologne

    Rise of science

    Fall and resurrection of plant medicine — 20th century pioneers

    Chapter Two: The nature of water

    Universal distillation process


    Basic necessity

    Life and death, life giving

    Physical power of water

    Visual aspect

    Water as solvent, cleanser

    Judging by water

    Water in the body, passage through body

    Bottled water

    Treatments with water — Thalassotherapy, spa treatments

    Scientists who investigated water — Priestley, Cavendish, Watt, Lavoisier, Laplace

    Structure of liquid water — hydrogen bonding, polar solvent

    Molecules soluble in water, increased dilution

    Chapter Three: Terminology and nomenclature

    Introduction — what’s in a name?

    How waters are obtained

    Current terminology — aromatic water, essential water, prepared water, distilled water, floral water, hydrolat, medicated water

    Colloids, hydrosols, suspensions

    Cohobation — water oil, are cohobated waters therapeutic?

    Chapter Four: Prepared waters

    Identifying the product

    Not distilled

    Internal use

    Fragrant w


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