This is the first book to describe an emerging but already growing technology of thermal imaging based on uncooled infrared imaging arrays and systems, which are the most exciting new developments in infrared technology today. This technology is of great importance to developers and users of thermal images for military and commercial applications. The chapters, prepared by world leaders in the technology, describe not only the mainstream efforts, but also exciting new approaches and fundamental limits applicable to all.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Unified approach to technology development based on fundamental limits * Individual chapters written by world leaders in each technology * Novel potential approaches, allowing for the reduction of costs, described in detail * Descriptive and analytical * Provides details of the mainstream approaches--resistive bolometric, pyroelectric/field enhanced pyroelectric, thermoelectric * Provides insight into a unified approach to development of all types of thermal imaging arrays Features state-of-the-art and selected new developments


Materials scientists (semiconductor, especially silicone and electronic materials); electrical engineers (electronic devices) and researchers in imaging techniques; graduate students and practitioners. Engineers and scientistsat government and industrial laboratories. Can be used as a supplement for a senior undergraduate/graduate class on infrared technology. Of interest in the United States, Japan, U.K., France, and Russia.

Table of Contents

G. Buser and M.F. Tompsett, Historical Overview. P.W. Kruse, Principles of Uncooled Infrared Focal Plane Arrays. A. Wood, Monolithic Silicon Resistive Microbolometer Arrays. C. Hanson, Hybrid Pyroelectric/Ferroelectric Bolometer Arrays. D.L. Polla and J.R. Choi, Monolithic Pyroelectric Bolometer Arrays. N. Teranishi, Thermoelectric Uncooled Infrared Focal Plane Array. M.F. Tompsett, Pyroelectric Vidicon. T.W. Kenny, Tunneling Infrared Sensors. J.R. Vig, R.L. Filler, and Y. Kim, Application of Quartz Microresonators to Uncooled IR Imaging Arrays. Subject Index.


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