Ultrasonics International 93

Ultrasonics International 93

Conference Proceedings

1st Edition - January 1, 1993

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  • Author: Unknown Author
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483183930

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Ultrasonics International 93: Conference Proceedings presents a comprehensive account of the presentations given in the Ultrasonics International 93 conference. It discusses a blood flow mapping system using ultrasonic waves. It addresses the dynamical response functions of elastically anisotropic solids. Some of the topics covered in the book are the ultrasonic waves propagation in a liquid producing radicals; ultrasonic characterization of interfaces; surface acoustic wave measurements; line-focus-beam acoustic microscopy; investigation of fatigue cracks in steels using spherical lens scanning acoustic microscopy; and the phenomenon of ultrasonic light diffraction. The description of bichromatic tunable acousto-optic separator is fully covered. The diffraction phenomenon affecting the properties of the fibre-optic sensor system is discussed in detail. The text describes in depth the opto-acoustic measurement of ultrasound velocity in a solidifying polymer. The evaluation of microfracture due to thermal shock using acoustic emission is completely presented. A chapter is devoted to the detection of a weak adhesive and adherent interface in bonded joints. The book can provide useful information to engineers, students, and researchers.

Table of Contents

  • Contents


    Plenary Paper

    Color Doppler Imaging and Its Application in Diagnosis

    Invited Papers

    Waves in Anisotropic Media

    Exposure Measurements in Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy

    Sonochemistry, From Organic Synthesis to Tribochemistry

    Ultrasonic Characterization of Interfaces

    Acoustic Microscopy: Oral Papers

    Amplitude and Phase Variation of Surface Acoustic Wave Field in The Nanometer Level Measured with a Scanning Tunneling Microscope

    Measurement of Dispersion Relations in Acoustic Velocities for the Thin Film On An Anisotropic Substrate Using Acoustic Microscope

    Quantitative Evaluation of 36°YX-LitaO2 Wafers By LFB Acoustic Microscopy

    Scanning Acoustic Microscopy For Quantitative Analysis of Superplastic Forming Diffusion Bonding of Titanium Aerospace Components

    Acoustic Microscopy: Poster Papers

    Acoustic Microscopy For Fatigue Damage

    Application of the V(Z) Curves For Determination Elastic Properties of Spherical Objects

    The Effect of "Spherical Particle Size Reduction" in Imaging of Species By the Reflection Acoustic Microscope

    Acousto-Optics: Oral Papers

    Higher Order Bragg Diffraction of Light By Ultrasound: Theory and Experiment

    Acousto-Optic Modulator Using A Piezoelectric Film Over Gaas/Aigaas MQW Structure

    Acousto-Optic Measurement of Pressure Profiles in Ultrasonic Fields

    Super High Frequency (10 Ghz) Acousto-Optics. the Peculiarity of Devices Design

    Broadband SAW Phase-Weighted Chirp Transducers For Integrated Acoustooptic Scanners

    Bichromatic Tunable Acoustooptic Separator

    Resonant Acousto-Optical Properties of Gaas and Inp and Application to Device Improvement

    Diffraction Phenomena Affecting the Properties of the Fibre-Optic Sensor System

    Acousto-Optics: Poster Papers

    Computative Investigation of the Planar Acoustooptic Deflector

    A Dynamic-Access-Time Acousto-Optic Correlator For GPS Doppler Resolving

    Peculiarities of Acoustooptic Interaction in A Nonhomogeneous Acoustic Field

    Transducers: Oral Papers

    Performance of Multi-Layer PZT Transducer Arrays

    1-3 Piezo-Composite Material: 3D Modeling and Experimental Results

    Vibrational Modes of Two-Dimensional Periodic and Aperiodic Composite Piezoelectric Plates

    Three Dimensional Model for the Mode Analysis of A Loaded Piezoceramic Plate

    Acoustic Transducers Based On the Periodic Domain Structure in Lead Germanate

    Gaussian-Bean Expansion For Focused Transducers

    A Simplified Numerical Method to Predict the Impulse Radiation Pattern of Linear and Curved Array Transducers

    Calculation of Electromechanical Coupling Coefficients of Ultrasonic Lamb Waves

    Influence of the Layer Coupling the Transducer to the Sample in Acoustic Impedancemetry

    High-Efficiency Generation of Acoustic Phase Conjugate Waves By Nonlinear Piezoelectricity of PZT Ceramics

    Transducers : Poster Paper

    Surface Acoustic Wave Probe For Nondestructive Testing

    Analysis of Resonator with Directional Converter of R-L Type By Finite Elements Method

    Comparison of Microphone and Interferometric Detection of Laser Generated Acoustic Waves

    Prediction of Electroacoustic Performances of High Frequency P(VDF-Trfe) Transducers

    The Capacitance Transducer As A Standard Ultrasonic Source in Solids

    Thermoacoustic Sensor For Ultrasonic Power Measurements

    Study of the Nearfield Radiated By Stepped Plate Ultrasonic Transducers in Air

    Influence of Different Physical Parameters On the Piezoelectric Properties of Sr Modified Lead Metaniobate

    Ghz-Range Wide Band and Low-Loss SAW Filters Using Internal Floating Electrode Type Unidirectional Transducers

    The Characteristics of A High Power Ultrasonic Transducer Determined By The Experimental Technique

    Numerical Computation of the Acoustic Field Passing Through A Plane Interface; Application to New Phased Array Transducers

    The Effects of Non-Uniform Sampling of the Ultrasound Field On the Reconstruction of Transducer Source Distributions

    Ultrasonic Metering of Gas Glows

    An Efficient Airborne Ultrasonic Transducer

    A Study of Acoustic Birefringence in Aluminium Plate Using Broadband Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers (Emats)

    DE/NDT: Oral Papers

    Autofocusing Ultrasonic Propagation in Composite Media Based On Laser Generated Ultrasound

    AE Source Characterization in Lattice-Type Structures Using Smart Signal Processing

    Advanced Ultrasonic Probes For Scanning of Large Structures

    Time-Domain Ultrasonic NDE of Layered Media

    Design of Low Frequency Acoustic Waveguide Probe For NDT of Concrete Structures

    DE/NDT: Poster Papers

    AE Properties in Superconducting Rotor

    Evaluation of Microfracture Due to Thermal Shock By Acoustic Emission

    Study of E-Glass Fibers At Elevated Temperatures Using Acoustic Emission

    Analysis of Grinding Process Acoustic Emission By A Neural Network

    Ultrasonic NDE Guided Wave Mode Selection Principles

    The Detection of A Weak Adhesive/Adherend Interface in Bonded Joints

    Ultrasonic Evaluation of Ceramics During Manufacture

    Characterization of the Interface Between Two Polymers By Surface Acoustic Waves

    Application of the Information Theory Approach to Acoustic Methods of Texture Assessment

    Interaction of Lamb Waves with A Defect

    Dynamic Hardness Tester and Cure Meter

    Fungi Decay in Wood By Combined Nondestructive Testings

    A Broad Band Technique to Simultaneously Measure the Compression and Shear Acoustic Wave Velocities in Thin Samples of Engineering Material

    An Integrated Wideband Ultrasonic Signal Acquisition Instrument

    Automatic Algorithms For Digital Signal Processing to Characterize the Propagation of Ultrasound in Thin Adhesive Layers

    Thickness Measurements Based On A New Time Discrimination Technique

    Ultrasonic Description of the Condition of the Surface Layer of Asphalt Concrete Pavement

    Defect Sizing in Thin Components

    UT Modeling : Predictions of Edge Diffraction, Corner Effect and Mode Conversions

    Dynamic Measurements of Elastic Properties in Solid Circular Cylinders

    Ultrasonic Characterization of Epoxy Resin During Cure

    Negative Factors Influencing the Ultrasonic Inspection of Railway Axle Structure

    Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation of Thin (Sub-Wavelength) Coatings

    Improved NDT Performance Through the Use of Extremely Damped 1-3 Piezocomposite Transducers

    3D Ultrasonic Modeling

    Two Phase Media: Oral Papers

    Ultrasonic Puls-Echo Measurements of Bubble and Plug Velocities in A Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow

    Ultrasonic Investigation of Contact Surfaces Between Grains in Random Granular Media; Effects of A Variable Compression

    Biot's Slow Wave in Porous Materials I. Velocity Dispersion Measurements

    Theory and Adaptive Algorithms Related to the Split Spectrum Technique For Interference Noise Suppression

    Two Phase Media: Poster Papers

    A Parameter-Free Signal Processing Algorithm For Material Noise Suppression

    Physical Acoustics-Crystals: Oral Paper

    Characterizing Sub-Millimeter Crystals with A Wide-Band Ghz Interferometer

    Physical Acoustics-Crystals: Poster Paper

    Ultrasonic Attenuation in Polycrystals Including Crystallographic Orientation Correlation

    Ultrasonic Absorption Studies of Some Doped Mixed Crystals of Caci2 in Kbr-KCI

    Physical Acoustics-Anistropy: Oral Paper

    Evaluation of Interfacial Properties in Isotropic and Anisotropic Layer Substrates

    Three-Dimensional Transient Waves in Layered Elastic Media

    Anisotropy in the Acoustic Transmission Properties of Fibre-Reinforced Laminates: Theoretical Prediction and Experimental Observation

    Propagation of Leaky Surface Acoustic Waves On Lita03 Substrate

    Acoustic Waves Propagation in Anisotropic Materials: Polarizations and Slowness Surfaces Singularities

    Physical Acoustics-Anistropy: Poster Paper

    Surface Waves in Anisotropic Solids: Theoretical Calculation and Experiment

    Existence of One Component Surface Waves in Anisotropic Elastic Media

    Existence of Second Slip Waves in Anisotropic Elastic Media

    Physical Acoustics-Composites: Oral Paper

    Characterization of Thin, Fiber-Reinforced Laminates By Ultrasonic Point-Source/Point-Receiver Techniques

    Far-Field Directivity Patterns For (Yzw)36° Lithium Niobate Bars

    The Effect of Debonding in Fiber-Reinforced Composites On Ultrasonic Backscattering

    A Feasibility Study of the On-Line Characterization of Polymers Blends Using Ultrasound

    Multilayer PVDF Polymer Transducers For Pulse Compression Applications

    Transmission Coefficient of Multilayered Absorbing Anisotropic Media.

    A Solution to the Numerical Limitations of the Thomson-Haskell Method. Application to Composite Materials

    Physical Acoustics-Composites: Poster Paper

    Dispersion of Longitudinal Ultrasonic Wave Velocity Through Carbonepoxy Composite Materials

    Physical Acoustics: Oral Paper

    Enhancement of Driving Force of Acoustic Streaming Due to Nonlinear Attenuation of Ultrasound

    X-Ray Diffraction in Crystals Excited By Surface Acoustic Waves

    Radiative Transfer of Ultrasound

    Laser Beam Frequency Shifting By Means of Hypersound

    Reflection of the Evanescent Plane Wave On A Plane Interface

    Physical Acoustics: Poster Paper

    Ultrasonic Attenuation in Normal Valence Semi Conductors

    Relaxational Properties of Shear and Bulk Elastic Moduli of Viscous Liquids

    Ultrasonic Speed and Isentropic Compressibility of Asymmetric Liquid Ternary Mixtures Under High Pressure: A Test For Equations of State and Associated Mixing Rules

    The Comparative Study of the Appearance of Acoustic Emission (AE) Signals

    Experimental Manifestation of the Resonant Interaction Between Two Close Elastic Shells

    Resonance Interpretation with Surface Waves Propagating On Cylindrical Shells Bounded By Hemispherical Endcaps

    Measurement of Elastic Plate Resonance Widths

    Acoustic Anomalies of Ferromagnetic and Antiferromagnetic Invar Alloys

    Ultrasonic Study of Turbulence

    A Study On Directional Converter For Ultrasonic Longitudinal Mode Vibration By Using A Hollow Cylinder Type Resonator

    Particles/Fields: Oral Papers

    Flocculation Processes in Colloidal Systems Studied By A Fast Widebandwidth Ultrasonic Technique

    Ultrasound Enhanced Phase Partition of Cells

    Frequency Dependence of the Acoustic Loss Distribution in Piezoceramic/Liquid Resonators

    Aggregation and Separation of Hybridoma Cells By Ultrasonic Resonance Fields - Effect On Viability, Growth Rate and Productivity

    Trapping of Suspended Biological Particles By Use of Ultrasonic Resonance Fields

    Particles/Fields: Poster Paper

    Separation of Suspended Particles By Use of the Inclined Resonator Concept

    Imaging: Oral Papers

    A New Hybrid, Real-Time Ultrasonic Imaging System

    A Parallel Processing Approach to Acoustic Tomography

    Laser-Induced Spallation of Surface Films Monitored with A 300 Mhz Fiber-Optic Interferometer

    Ultrasonic Flux Imaging in Anisotropic Solids

    Small Size Ultrasonic Sources For Time-Of-Flight Diffraction Tomography

    Imaging: Poster Papers

    Definition of A New Measure Based On Co-Occurrence Matrix for the Threshold Selection of Ultrasonic Images in the Nuclear Field

    Evaluation of A Point-Spread-Function of Focusing Systems Using Spherical Reflector

    A Broadband Imaging System of Pulsed Acoustic Fields Using A Heterodyne Interferometer

    Non-Linear: Oral Papers

    Multiple Bragg Imaging of Finite Amplitude Ultrasonic Waves

    High-Frequency Ultrasonic Techniques

    Photoacoustic Transformation in Nonlinear Crystals with Central Symmetrical Paramagnetic Phase

    Non-Linear: Poster Papers

    Nonlinear Elasticity of HTSC Ceramic Ybacuo

    Experimental System For Studying Ultrasonic Non-Linear Vibrations in Metals

    Underwater: Oral Papers

    Ultrasonic Beam Reflection and Transmission By Model Seabeds

    Bubble-Related Sources of Ocean Ambient Noise

    Contribution to Sea-Bottom Characterization From Stoneley-Scholte Waves Celerity Dispersion in Special Cases of Media Having Linear Sound Celerity Profiles

    Underwater: Poster Papers

    Ultrasonic Signals Backscattered From Inhomogeneities of Water Column in the Southern Baltic Sea

    Sea Bottom Examinations By Backscattering of Ultrasonic Signals in the Southern Baltic Sea

    Medical: Oral Papers

    Interest of Automated Measurement of the Diameter of the Aorta For Aortic Blood Flow Monitoring During Peroperative Survey

    Blood Flow Vector Mapping of Doppler Ultrasound Data

    Endothelial Cell Damage Induced By High Energy Shock Waves

    Shockwaves and Free Radicals: Cell Protection By Vitamin Å in Vitro And Ex Vivo

    Optical Diagnostics of Cavitation and Ultrasound in Materials

    Perception of Ultrasounds Via Non-Linear Effect of Tympanic Membrane

    AT-Cut Quartz Crystal Biosensor For Blood Assay

    Medical: Poster Papers

    Lithotripsy: Energy Aspiration of the Matrix in Renal Stones

    Perceived Tone Evoked By Ultrasonic Complex Tone

    Effect of Ultrasound to Timbre

    The Effects of High Energy Shock Waves On Cell Membranes and Mitochondria

    The Combined Effects of High Energy Shock Waves and Cytostatic Drugs Or Cytokines On Human Bladder Cancer Cells

    Characterization of Biological Solutions From Harmonic and Anharmonic Properties

    An Ultrasound Pulse-Echo Technique for the Thickness Measurement Of Thin Membranes

    Industrial Applications: Oral Papers

    Frequency Range Extension Below 100 Khz and Above 50 Mhz For CW Ultrasonic Absorption and Velocity Measurements in Liquids with Resonator Cells

    Acoustic and Electromagnetic Barkhausen Emission As A Method For Characterizing Material Condition

    Advances in Air-Borne Ultrasonic Sensors

    Analytical Modeling of An Ultrasonic Motor

    Micromachined Capacitance Transducers For Air-Borne Ultrasonics

    An Ultrasonic Atomizer Using Squeeze Film

    Industrial Applications: Poster Papers

    Ultrasonic Butt Welding of Large Various Metal Plate Specimens

    Ultrasonic Wire Bonding Using A High Frequency Complex Vibration Welding System

    Ultrasonic Bending of Thin Metal Plates Using A Vibration Punch and A Vibration Die

    Characteristics of Tortional Vibrators

    Ultrasonic Pressing of Plastic-Film Capacitor

    Cavitation Effects in Ultrasonic Cleaning of Textiles

    Design of Ultrasonically Assisted Radial Dies By Validated Finite Element Models

    Sonochemistry: Oral Papers

    New Aspect of Cavitation: Relation Between Sonoluminescence and Sonochemistry

    Measurement of Liquid-Solid Mass Transfer in Ultrasonic Reactor

    Acoustic Signature Estimation of the Cavitation Noise

    Dynamic Characterization of High Frequency Ultrasonic Cavitation

    Sonochemistry: Poster Papers

    Experimental Correlation Between Cavitation Noise Signatures and Chemical Reactivity in Homogeneous Sonochemistry

    Building-Up Time of Standing Waves in Composite Piezoelectric Resonators

    Conditions For Ultrasonic-Induced Cavitation in Water

    Thermosensitive Probe Based Technique of Local Investigation Of Ultrasonic Reactors

    Study of Chemical Reactions Under the Influence of Ultrasound

    Guided Waves: Oral Papers

    Ultrasonic Velocity and Attenuation in Hardened Steel

    Peculiarities of Stoneley Wave Generation On Division Boundaries Between Different Structures

    Acoustic Beam Reflection From Cylindrical Fluid-Loaded Elastic Structures

    Guided Waves: Poster Papers

    A Combined Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) and Boundary Element Method (BEM) Modelling of Ultrasonic Propagation in Air

    Neural Works: Oral Papers

    Automatic Defects Classification System Using Spectral Analysis And Neural Networks

    An Automatic 3-D Object Identification System Combining Ultrasonic Imaging with A Probability Competition Neural Network

    Application of A Neural Network to Forecasting of A Chaotic Acoustic Emission Signal

    Artificial Neural Network Processing of Lamb Wave Data For Adhesive Bond Characterization

    Neural Works: Poster Papers

    Applying Neural Networks to Ultrasonic Tomographic Inspection of Composite Materials

    Lasers: Oral Papers

    Sectorial Beam Scanning in Solids By A Laser Ultrasonic Source Array

    Optoacoustic Energy Conservation Efficiency During Laser Ablation

    Investigation of Orthogonal Two-Dimensional Acoustooptic Interaction in Anisotropic Media

    Ultrasonic Monitoring of Excimer Laser Beam Focusing

    Lasers: Poster Papers

    Far-Field Broad-Band Transducer Calibration By Means of Laser Ultrasound

    Laser-Excited Acoustic Pulses For Remote Material Inspection

    Selective Excitation of Bulk and Surface Acoustic Waves By Rapid Scanning of A Laser Interference Fringe

    Laser-Ultrasonic in Isotropic Polymers: Generation and Propagation

    Material Characterization: Poster Papers

    Mode Coupling in Liquid Bilayers

    Mode Coupling in Al/Polymer Bilayers

    A Method for the Compensation of the Effects of Surface Cloth Impressions On Polar Backscatter Applied to Porous Epoxy and Biaxial Graphite/Epoxy Composites

    The Newton-Raphson and Conjuguate Gradients Algorithms for the Acoustic Characterization of Thin Films

    Characterization of Powder Metallic Materials By Spectral Domain Based Ultrasonic Methods

    Defect Characterization in Carbon/Epoxy Plates Via Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition Analysis of Ultrasonic Á-Scan Signals

    Photoacoustic Resonance Absorption Spectra of Langmuir-Blodgett Films

    Biot's Slow Wave in Porous Materials II : Resonant Scattering Phenomena

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  • No. of pages: 880
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Butterworth-Heinemann 1994
  • Published: January 1, 1993
  • Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483183930

About the Author

Unknown Author

Dr. Sam Stuart is a physiotherapist and a research Fellow within the Balance Disorders Laboratory, OHSU. His work focuses on vision, cognition and gait in neurological disorders, examining how technology-based interventions influence these factors. He has published extensively in world leading clinical and engineering journals focusing on a broad range of activities such as real-world data analytics, algorithm development for wearable technology and provided expert opinion on technology for concussion assessment for robust player management. He is currently a guest editor for special issues (sports medicine and transcranial direct current stimulation for motor rehabilitation) within Physiological Measurement and Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, respectively.

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Senior Research Fellow, Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation, Northumbria University, UK Honorary Physiotherapist, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, North Shields, UK

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