Tutorials in Management in General Practice

1st Edition


  • Henry Patterson
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    Part 1: Health of the Nation:Origin. Implications for Postgraduate Training. Key Health Targets. Gps' Tasks. Reasons Why These Topics Have Been Chosen. Criteria for a National Screening Programme. How Does Health of the Nation Compare?. Will the Targets Be Met?. The Impact onGeneral Practice Forms, Forms, Forms: How to Use This Tutorial. The Important Forms for Registrars. The Efficiency Scrutiny" Initiative. Can a Practice Cope?. The Recommendations. Implementation. Where Next? Professional Values: the Debate About Valuesand Core General Practice. Long-Standing Professional Values. Why the Debate Now?. Why Is Primary Care in the Spotlight?. The Characteristics of a Profession. Motivation. Recruitment. The Future Shape of General Practice the Practice Population: Featuresof British General Practice. Characteristics of the Practice Population. The Uk Population. Implications for a Partnership. The Value of This Knowledge. A Practice Profile. Keeping a Sense of Proportion Guidelines and Protocols: Definitions. Who ProducesThem?. The Case for Guidelines. The Case Against. Their Use to Ration Health Care. Effective Guidelines. Ownership. Practice Development of Guidelines. Implementation. Practice Policy. Help for Junior Doctors Stress Management for Gps: What Is Stress?. Types of Stress. Prevalence. Are Doctors More Stressed Than Their Peers?. Causes of Stress. Theories. Dealing with Stress. Recognition of Stress. Causes in Workplace. Coping Strategies. Burnout Time Management: What Is Time Management?. Conflicting Demands.Dealing with Paperwork. How to Prioritise. How to Say No. Delegation. Keeping Control. Dealing with an Overloaded Person Critical Reading: Why Read?. How to Select What to Read. Developing a Reading Policy. Reading Critically. The Critical Reading Paper.Effective Answers. Writing a Critique. Changes to the Mrcgp Examination. Am I a Good Reader? Prescribing and Pact: Definition. Description. The Revised Version. The Standard Report. The Cost o


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