This book combines Von Moody's original work and research in the carpet industry with the well respected 1986 textile source book, Textile Fibers, Dyes, Finishes, and Processes: A Concise Guide, by Howard L. Needles to produce a unique practical guide on all aspects of the preparation, manufacture, and performance of carpet. It addresses the structure and properties of fiber, carpet construction, coatings, dyes, finishes, performance, and recycling, among other topics. This volume is an indispensable reference for all practitioners in the carpet industry.


Professionals and technicians throughout the entire carpet industry (and suppliers of the industry as well) will find this book invaluable to their activities.

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Part 1: Introduction to Carpet Fiber 1. Fiber Theory and Formation 1.1 FIBER CLASSIFICATION 1.2 FIBER PROPERTIES 1.2.1 Primary Properties 1.2.2 Secondary Properties 1.2.3 Primary Fiber Properties from an Engineering Perspective 1.3 FIBER FORMATION AND MORPHOLOGY 1.3.1 Polymer Formation 1.3.2 Fiber Spinning 1.3.3 Fiber Drawing and Morphology 1.3.4 Bulking and Texturizing 1.3.5 Staple Formation 1.4 STRUCTURE PROPERTY RELATIONSHIPS 2. Fiber Indentification and Characterization 2.1 FIBER IDENTIFICATION 2.1.1 Microscopic Identification 2.1.2 Solubility 2.1.3 Heating and Burning Characteristics 2.1.4 Density or Specific Gravity 2.1.5 Staining 2.2 STRUCTURAL, PHYSICAL, and CHEMICAL CHARACTERIZATION 2.2.1 Optical and Electron Microscopy 2.2.2 Elemental and End-Group Analysis 2.2.3 Infrared Spectroscopy 2.2.4 Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy 2.2.5 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 2.2.6 X-Ray Diffraction 2.2.7 Thermal Analysis 2.2.8 Molecular Weight Determination 2.2.9 Mechanical and Tensile Property Measurements 2.2.10 Specific Gravity 2.2.11 Environmental Properties 2.2.12 Chemical Properties 2.3 END-USE PROPERTY CHARACTERIZATION 2.3.1 Characteristics Related to Identity, Aesthetics and Comfort 2.3.2 Characteristics Related to Durability and Wear 2.3.3 Physical and Chemical Characteristics 3. Major Fiber and Their Properties 3.1 NYLON 6 and NYLON 6,6 FIBERS 3.1.1 Structural Properties 3.1.2 Effect of Single-Step V


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