Tribological Design of Machine Elements

Tribological Design of Machine Elements

1st Edition - October 3, 1989

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  • Editors: D. Berthe, D. Dowson, M. Godet, C.M. Taylor
  • eBook ISBN: 9780080875781

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On previous occasions each Symposium has focused attention on a current and significant research topic, usually reflecting the interests of the Leeds or Lyon research groups, however this time the main focus was on the vitally important subject of technology transfer, providing the 154 delegates from 21 countries with the rare opportunity to discuss the impact of their studies on machine design.

Table of Contents

  • The tribological design of machine elements (H.S. Cheng). Review Papers: Tribological design: the aerospace industry (J.A. Dominy). Tribological design: The railways (C. Pritchard, T.G. Pearce). Tribological design: The automotive industry (P.A. Willermet). Tribological design: The process industries (J.D. Summers-Smith). Seals. Design of controllable mechanical seals (R.F. Salant et al.). Micro-elastohydrodynamic lubricant film formation in rotary lip seal contacts (A. Gabelli). Lubrication of reciprocating seals: Experiments on the influence of surface roughness on friction and leakage (A.F.C. Kanters, M. Visscher). Radial lip seals, thermal aspects (M.J. Stakenborg, R.A. van Ostayen). Cams. Lubrication and fatigue analysis of a cam and roller follower (B.A. Gecim). Predictions of cam wear profiles (R.H. Fries, C.A. Rogers). Cam and follower design (A.D. Ball et al.). Belts. Power transmission by flat, V and timing belts (T.H.C. Childs, I.K. Parker). Power rating of flat belt drives - A wear approach (B.G. Gerbert). Gears. The relationship between uneven tooth contact loading and surface durability in flexible gear designs (J.F. Harrop, A. Tam). Temperature and pressure measurements in gear contacts with thin-film-transducers (H. Peeken, P. Ayanoghu). A static and dynamic analysis of misaligned gears with partial contact areas (P. Sainsot et al.). Rolling Element Bearings. The Palmgren-Miner rule derived (J.J. Kauzlarich). Prediction of rolling bearing life under practical operating conditions (E. Ioannides et al.). Surface damage on rolling elements and its subsequent effects on performance and life (J.C. Hamer et al). Debris denting - the associated residual stresses and their effect on the fatigue life of rolling bearing: An FEM analysis (C.N. Ko, E. Ioannides). Plain Bearings. Axially profiled circular bearings and their potential application in high speed lubrication (S. Basri, D.T. Gethin). Analysis of partial arc journal bearings (E.W. Cowking). Elapsed time for the decay of thermal transients in fluid film bearing assemblies (C.M.M. Ettles et al.). Design procedures based on numerical methods for hydrodynamic lubrication (J.O. Medwell). Wear. The effect of residual stress and temperature on the fretting of bearing steel (M. Kuno, R.B. Waterhouse). Wear maps and their use in design (T.S. Eyre). The wear of hot working tools. Application to forging and rolling of steel (E. Felder). The influence of debris inclusion on the performance of polymeric seals in ball valves (B.J. Briscoe, P.J. Tweedale). Rolling Element Bearings. Tribological characteristics of needle bearings (S. Blair, W.O. Winer). Power loss prediction in ball bearings (R.J. Chittenden et al.). The effect of roller end-flange contact shape upon frictional losses and axial load of the radial cylindrical roller bearing (H. Krzminski-Freda, B. Warda). The study of roller end and guiding shoulder construction of roller bearings (M. Li, S. Wen). Plain Bearings. Dynamically loaded journal bearings: a modal approach to EHL design analysis (A. Kumar et al.). Shape defects and misalignment effects in connecing-rod bearings (P. Maspeyrot, J. Frene). Transient dynamics of engine bearing systems (S. Boedo, J.F. Booker). Thermal considerations in engine bearings (G.A. Clayton, C.M. Taylor). Ceramics. Design requirements of ceramic sliding contacts (R.J. Gozdawa, T.A. Stolarski). Unlubricated wear and friction behaviour of alumina and silicon carbide ceramics (G. Kapelski et al.). The effects of surrounding atmosphere on the friction and wear of ceramics (S. Sasaki). Wear performance of materials for ball screw and spline applications in Candu reactor fuelling machines (P.E. Dale, R. Tristani). Review Papers: Tribological design: The power generation industry (P.G. Morton). Tribological design and assessment: The nuclear industry (T.C. Chivers). Tribological design: The spacecraft industry (R.A. Rowntree et al.). Tribological design: The electronics industry (E.A. Muijderman et al.). Hydrostatic Bearings. Optimum design and automatic drawing of recessed hydrostatic bearings (S. Xu, B. Chen). Computer aided design of externally pressurized bearings (G.J. van Heijningen, C.M. Kalker-Kalkman). A theoretical investigation of hybrid journal bearings applied to high speed heavily loaded conditions requiring jacking capabilities (D. Ives et al.). Behaviour of a high speed hydrostatic thrust bearing with recess inserts and grooved lands (D. Ashman et al.). An experimental comparison between the performance of a `total cross flow' and an equivalent conventional design hydrostatic journal bearing (M. Abdolmaleki et al.). Information Storage and Retrieval/Magnetic Bearings. Review Paper: Tribological design: information storage and retrieval (B. Bhushan). Active magnetic bearing design methodology - a conventional rotordynamics approach (H.M. Chen). Knowledge Based Systems. The incorporation of artificial intelligence in the design of herringbone journal bearings (K. Ishi et al.). Bearing selection using a knowledge based system (R.T. Griffin et al.). Tribology aids for designers (C.J. Thijsse). Written discussions - contributions. List of authors. List of delegates.

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  • No. of pages: 519
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Elsevier Science 1989
  • Published: October 3, 1989
  • Imprint: Elsevier Science
  • eBook ISBN: 9780080875781

About the Editors

D. Berthe

D. Dowson

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Department of Mechanical Engineering/University of Leeds/Leeds/UK

M. Godet

Affiliations and Expertise

INSA, Laboratoire de Mecanique des Contacts, Villeurbanne, France

C.M. Taylor

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