Treatise on Geochemistry

2nd Edition

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Published Date: 8th November 2013
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This extensively updated new edition of the widely acclaimed Treatise on Geochemistry has increased its coverage beyond the wide range of geochemical subject areas in the first edition, with five new volumes which include: the history of the atmosphere, geochemistry of mineral deposits, archaeology and anthropology, organic geochemistry and analytical geochemistry. In addition, the original Volume 1 on "Meteorites, Comets, and Planets" was expanded into two separate volumes dealing with meteorites and planets, respectively. These additions increased the number of volumes in the Treatise from 9 to 15 with the index/appendices volume remaining as the last volume (Volume 16). Each of the original volumes was scrutinized by the appropriate volume editors, with respect to necessary revisions as well as additions and deletions. As a result, 27% were republished without major changes, 66% were revised and 126 new chapters were added.

Key Features

  • In a many-faceted field such as Geochemistry, explaining and understanding how one sub-field relates to another is key. Instructors will find the complete overviews with extensive cross-referencing useful additions to their course packs and students will benefit from the contextual organization of the subject matter.
  • Six new volumes added and 66% updated from 1st edition. The Editors of this work have taken every measure to include the many suggestions received from readers and ensure comprehensiveness of coverage and added value in this 2nd edition.
  • The esteemed Board of Volume Editors and Editors-in-Chief worked cohesively to ensure a uniform and consistent approach to the content, which is an amazing accomplishment for a 15-volume work (16 volumes including index volume)!


A must have for researchers, teachers and (graduate) students of Geochemistry, in particular, and the Geosciences in general. It is also highly recommended for professionals working in contamination clean-up, resource managers, and environmental regulators, among others.

Table of Contents

In Memoriam

Heinrich Dieter Holland (1927–2012)

Karl Karekin Turekian (1927–2013)


Executive Editors’ Foreword to the Second Edition

Permission Acknowledgments

Volume 1: Meteorites and Cosmochemical Processes


Volume Editor’s Introduction


1.1. Classification of Meteorites and Their Genetic Relationships



1.1.1 Introduction

1.1.2 Classification of Chondritic Meteorites

1.1.3 Classification of Interplanetary Dust Particles (IDPs)

1.1.4 Classification of Nonchondritic Meteorites

1.1.5 Genetic Relations Among Meteorite Groups


1.2. Chondrites and Their Components



1.2.1 Introduction

1.2.2 Classification and Parent Bodies of Chondrites

1.2.3 Bulk Composition of Chondrites

1.2.4 Metamorphism, Alteration, and Impact Processing

1.2.5 Chondritic Components

1.2.6 Formation and Accretion of Chondritic Components

1.2.7 Heating Mechanisms in the Early Solar System


1.3. Calcium–Aluminum-Rich Inclusions in Chondritic Meteorites



1.3.1 Introduction

1.3.2 Changes in this Revision

1.3.3 Some Essential Terminology: Structural Elements of a CAI

1.3.4 Mineralogy and Mineral Chemistry

1.3.5 Diversity and Major Element Bulk Chemistry

1.3.6 Type C CAIs, Compound Objects, and the Chondrule–CAI Connection

1.3.7 Fun CAIs and Hibonite Grains

1.3.8 Distribution Among Chondrite Types

1.3.9 Ages

1.3.10 Trace Elements

1.3.11 Oxygen Isotopes

1.3.12 Short-Lived Radionuclides in CAIs

1.3.13 CAIS, Chondrules, Condensation, and Melt Distillation

1.3.14 Wark–Lovering Rim Seq


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"This landmark 10-volume publication is a comprehensive review of the many-faceted field of geochemistry. (...)
The Treatise will be an indispensable reference not only to academics but to contamination cleanup professionals, resource managers, and environmental regulators as well."
David W. Morganwalp, U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA, USA