Trease and Evans' Pharmacognosy E-Book

16th Edition


  • William Evans
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    Key Features

    • No other book provides such a wealth of detail.
    • A reservoir of knowledge in a field where there is a resurgence of interest - plants as a source of drugs are of growing interest both in complementary medicine fields and in the pharmaceutical industry in their search for new 'lead compounds'.
    • Dr Evans has been associated with the book for over 20 years and is a recognised authority in all parts of the world where pharmacognosy is studied, his knowledge and grasp of the subject matter is unique.
    • Meticulously referenced and kept up to date by the editor, new contributors brought in to cover new areas.

    Table of Contents

    Part 1: Introduction
    Plants in medicine: the origins of pharmacognosy
    The scope and practice of pharmacognosy
    Plant nomenclature and taxonomy

    Part 2: The plant and animal kingdoms as sources of drugs
    Biological and geographical sources of drugs
    A taxonomic approach to the study of medicinal plants and animal-derived drugs
    Pharmacological activities of natural products
    Synergy and other interactions in phytomedicines
    Traditional plant medicines as a source of new drugs
    Discovering new lead compounds in pharmaceutical research and development

    Part 3: Principles related to the commercial production, quality and standardization of natural products

    Commerce in crude drugs
    Production of crude drugs
    Plant growth regulators
    Plant cell and tissue culture; biological conversions; clonal propagation
    Phytochemical variation within a species
    Deterioration of stored drugs
    Quality control

    Part 4: Phytochemistry
    General methods associated with the phytochemical investigation of herbal products
    Basic metabolic pathways and the origin of secondary metabolites

    Part 5: Pharmacopoeial and related drugs of biological origin
    Hydrocarbons and derivatives
    Phenols and phenolic glycosides
    Volatile oils and resins
    Saponins, cardioactive drugs and other steroids
    Miscellaneous isoprenoids
    Cyanogenetic glycosides, glucoinolate compounds and miscellaneous glycosides
    The search for naturally-derived anticancer agents
    Antiprotozoal natural products
    An overview of drugs with antihepatotoxic and oral hypoglycaemic activities
    Antibacterial and antiviral drugs
    Vitamins and hormones
    The plant nutraceuticals
    Colouring and flavouring agents
    Miscellaneous products

    Part 6: Plants in complementary and traditional systems of medicine
    Herbal medicine in Britain and Europe: regulation and practice
    Asian medicine<


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