In recent years it has become evident that transport processes across membranes play a crucial role in many metabolic systems. The activities of these transport processes often determine the physiology of the organisms.

This book presents a state of the art review on the analysis of a wide variety of transport systems from bacteria and eukaryotic cells. A selection has been made of those systems that have been studied at the molecular level with special emphasis paid to the energetic and other biophysical properties. The different classes of transport systems are presented in the following: primary transport, secondary transport, phosphotransferase systems, channels and porines and macromolecular transport. Within each class of transporters several systems are presented by the leading experts in the field, which has resulted in a very broad overview of transport processes in biological cells. In this way the differences in the mechanisms used for translocation become evident while on the other hand features common to the different transport systems are revealed.

Table of Contents

Preface. Part I: PRIMARY TRANSPORT - Ion Pumps. 1. ATP-coupled pumps for heavy metals and metalloids (S. Dey, B.P. Rosen). 2. Sodium ion coupled F1F0ATPases (P. Dimroth). 3. F-Type H+ATPase: catalytic site and energy coupling (M. Futai, M. Omote). 4. The neurosproa plasma membrane proton pump (G.A. Scarborough). 5. Structure and function of the yeast vacuolar membrane H+ATPase (Y. Anraku). Multidrug resistance and Export Systems. 6. Structure and function of HlyB, the ABC-transporter essential for haemolysin secretion from escherichia coli (I.B. Holland and M.A. Blight). 7. The p-glycoprotein family and multidrug resistance: an overview (P. Gros, M. Hanna). 8. Multidrug resistance in prokaryotes: molecular mechanisms of drug efflux (H.W. van Veen et al.).

Part 2: SECONDARY TRANSPORT. Substrate Transport and Exchangers. 9. Molecular genetic analysis of membrane protein topology (M. Lee, C. Manoil). 10. The lactose permease of escherichia coli: past, present and future (H.R. Kaback). 11. Secondary transporters and metabolic energy generation in bacteria (J.S. Lolkema, B. Poolman, W.N. Konings). 12. Pi-linked anion exchange in bacteria: biochemical and molecular studies of UhpT and related porters (P.C. Maloney). 13. Structure of the erythrocyte band 3 anion exchanger (R.A.F. Reithmeier, S.L. Chan, M. Popov). 14. Erythrocyte sugar transport (A. Carruthers, R.J. Zottola). 15. The mediator of thyroidal iodide accumulation: The sodium/iodide symporter (G. Dai et al.). 16. The vertebrate Na+ exchangers: structure, expression and hormonal regulation (P. Fafournoux, J. Pouysségur). Neurotransmitters. 17. Biogenic amine transporters of the plasma membrane (G. Rudnick). 18. From multidrug resistance to vesicular neurotransmitter transport (S. Schuldiner et al.). 19. Structure and functio


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