Transport Phenomena in Heat and Mass Transfer

1st Edition

Editors: J.A. Reizes
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444898517
eBook ISBN: 9780444599797
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 26th November 1992
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Theoretical, numerical and experimental studies of transport phenomena in heat and mass transfer are reported in depth in this volume. Papers are presented which review and discuss the most recent developments in areas such as: Mass transfer; Cooling of electronic components; Phase change processes; Instrumentation techniques; Numerical methods; Heat transfer in rotating machinery; Hypersonic flows; and Industrial applications. Bringing together the experience of specialists in these fields, the volume will be of interest to researchers and practising engineers who wish to enhance their knowledge in these rapidly developing areas.

Table of Contents

(Abbreviated) Keynote Papers. Application of the electrochemical mass transfer technique to the study of buoyancy-driven flows (H.D. Chaing, R.J. Goldstein). Recent progress in heat transfer during melting and solidification processes (S.T. Ro). Hydrodynamics and dispersion near bounding surfaces of porous media (M. Kaviany). Impact of heat transfer in industrial furnaces on productivity (R. Viskanta). Application of thermo-fluid analysis to the thermal design of air-cooled electronic equipment (M. Ishizuka). The use of liquid crystals in aerodynamic and heat transfer testing (T.V. Jones). Exploiting mass transfer (D.J. Close). Heat and mass transfer in geology and geophysics (H.E. Huppert). Volume 1. Natural and Free Convection. Unsteady heat transfer in differentially heated cavities (J. Patterson, S. Armfield). An analysis of the onset of marangoni convection during liquid evaporation (M.C. Kim et al.). Forced and Mixed Convection, Heat Exchangers. Heat transfer and pressure drop in an artificially roughened rectangular duct (L. Wu, P. Cooper). Predictions for hydrodynamically and thermally developing pulsatile flows (M. Ibrahim, C.F. Kwan). Heat transfer in regenerators including intra-conduction effects (experimental approach) (M. Sadrameli). Phase Change. Augmentation of nucleate boiling by additives (M. Jamialahmadi et al.) Recent progress in heat transfer during melting and solidification processes (S.T. Ro). Characteristics of a water sprinkler system with variable flow rates to melt snow on railway tracks (K. Sawase et al.). Porous Media. Temperature profiles in couples heat and mass transfer in porous media (J. Sheridan et al.). Performance analysis of a capillary pump (R.F. de Miranda). Volume 2. Industrial Flows and Processes. Computational modelling of complex industrial flows (C.A.J. Fletcher). Thermal modeling of the continuous casting process (B.H.


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