Transitions in Nursing - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9780729578363

Transitions in Nursing

2nd Edition

Preparing for Professional Practice

eBook ISBN: 9780729578363
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone Australia

Table of Contents

Ch1 Managing the transition of student to graduate nurse by Esther Chang and John Daly

Ch2 Becoming a competent, confident professional practitioner by Jill White

Ch3 Becoming part of a team by Mary Fitzgerald and Judy Amadio

Ch4 Understanding organisational culture in the community health setting by Gay Edgecombe

Ch5 Understanding organisational culture in the hospital setting by Mary Courtney, Jane Yacopetti
and Claire Rickard

Ch6 Preparing for role transition by Kathleen Kilstoff and Suzanne Rochester

Ch7 Processes of change in bureaucratic environments by Patrick Crookes and Stephen Knight

Ch8 Caring for self by Judy Lumby

Ch9 Managing approaches to nursing care delivery by Patricia Davidson and Doug Elliott

Ch10 Dealing with ethical issues in nursing practice by Megan-Jane Johnstone and Elizabeth Crock

Ch11 Communication for graduate nurses by Jane Stein-Parbury

Ch12 The gendered world of nursing practice: a discussion of issues and directions by Judith Clare, Debra Jackson and Mairi Walker

Ch13 Perspectives of quality and risk management in nursing by Rhonda Griffiths and Carol Walker

Ch14 Managing emotional reactions in patients, families and colleagues by Paul Morrison and
Christine Ashley-Coe

Ch15 Developing excellence in practice: technology and the beginning nurse by Alan Barnard and Darian Ward

Ch16 Establishing and maintaining a professional profile: issues in the first year of practice by Judy Mannix, Ana Smith and Lyn Stewart

Ch17 Dealing with theory-practice gap in clinical practice by Maxine Duke, Helen Forbes and Rosalie Strother

Ch18 Reflective practice for the graduate nurse by Kim Usher, Kim Foster and Lee Stewart

Ch19 Mentoring for new graduates by Stephen Neville and Denise Wilson

Ch20 Professional career development by Margaret McMillan and Jane Conway

Ch21 Transitional programs by Leanne Cowan and


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