Volumes 1 and 2 of Transgenic Plants assemble important information on transgenic crops which has appeared scattered in many different publications. These two volumes are a significant milestone in plant/agricultural biology, promote the practical application of recombinant DNA technology, and assist in transforming the agricultural industry.

Table of Contents

Contributors. Preface. Contents to Volume 1 Introduction: From Green Revolution to Gene Revolution, S.-D. Kung. Transgenic Monocotyledonous Plants: Transgenic Rice, S.L. Kothari, M.R. Davey, P.T. Lynch, R.P. Finch, and E.C. Cocking. Transgenic Maize, C.J. Mackey, T.M. Spencer, T.R. Adams, A.P. Kausch, W.J. Gordon-Kamm, P.G. Lemaux, and R.W. Krueger. Transgenic Asparagus, J.-P. Hernalsteens, B. Bytebier, and M. Van Montagu. Transgenic Dicotyledonous Plants: Transgenic Plants from Solanaceae, C.M. Houck, D. Facciotti, and R.M. Goodman. Transgenic Plants from Legumes, N.-S. Yang. Transgenic Oilseeds and Vegetables, B.L.A. Miki, B. Huang, and P.J. Charest. Transgenic Woody Plants, A.M. Dandekar, G.H. McGranahan, and D.J. James. Transgenic Cotton, E.E. Murray, D.L. DeBoer, and E. Firoozabady. Transgenic Arabidopsis, B. Damm, U. Halfter, T. Altmann, and L. Willmitzer. Social and Economic Impact of Transgenic Plants: Federal Regulation of Transgenic Plants, E.L. Korwek. Social and Economic Aspects of Transgenic Plants, D.D. Parker and D. Hueth. Social Implications of Transgenic Plants, J.F. Gerber and A.L. Young. Industrial Aspects of Transgenic Plant Products, R.W.F. Hardy. Concluding Remarks: Revolutionary Evolution, T.C. Hall. Chapter References. Index.


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