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Table of Contents

PART I. Introduction

  1. Introductory remarks on the history and current applications of TCS – M. Stern – (US)—received
  2. Method and validity of transcranial sonography in movement disorders – D. Skoloudik (Czech Republic), U. Walter (Germany)—received
  3. TCS anatomy – H. Huber (Germany)-- received
  4. PART II. Transcranial sonography in Parkinson’s disease

  5. Diagnosis of PD – Transcranial sonography in relation to SPECT, MIBG – Kajimoto (Japan)--received
  6. Diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease – Transcranial sonography in relation to MRI – Niehaus (Germany)
  7. Transcranial sonography in the early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease - Gaenslen, Berg (Germany)-- received
  8. Transcranial sonography in the premotor diagnosis of PD – Behnke, Schröder, Berg (Germany)-- received
  9. Underlying pathophysiology (MRI, postmortem) – Double/Duma (Australia)-- received
  10. Transcranial sonography for discrimination of PD vs atypical parkinsonian syndromes – A. Vlaar, K. Srulijes, W. Mess (Netherlands, Germany)--received
  11. Transcranial sonography for discrimination of PD vs vascular parkinsonism – Pablo Venegas (Chile)--received
  12. Transcranial sonography findings in monogenetic parkinsonism – K. Brockmann, J. Hagenah (Germany)--received
  13. PART III. Transcranial sonography in other movement disorders and depression

  14. Transcranial sonography in brain disorders with trace metal accumulation – U. Walter (Germany)—received
  15. Transcranial sonography in Dystonia – A. Gaenslen (Germany)—received
  16. Transcranial sonography in essential tremor – H. Stockner (Austria)-- received
  17. VII. Transcranial sonography in restless legs syndrome – J. Godau (


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