Volume 56. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

1st Edition

Supplement to Clinical Neurophysiology Series, Volume 56


Table of Contents

Welcome Address. Greetings from Lutz Stratmann, Minister of Science and Culture in Lower Saxony. Summary of the Highlights of the Symposium. List of Contributors.

Section I. Methodology.

1. Background physics for magnetic stimulation (J. Ruohonen). 2. TMS and threshold hunting (F. Awiszus). 3. The triple stimulation technique to study corticospinal conduction (M.R. Magistris, K.M. Rösler). 4. Pulse configuration and rTMS efficacy: a review of clinical studies (M. Sommer, W. Paulus). 5. Interleaving fMRI and rTMS (D.E. Bohning, S. Denslow et al.). 6. Is functional magnetic resonance imaging capable of mapping transcranial magnetic cortex stimulation? (S. Bestmann, J. Baudewig et al.). 7. Applications of combined TMS-PET studies in clinical and basic research (H.R. Siebner, M. Peller, L. Lee).

Section II. Animal Studies.

8. A coil for magnetic stimulation of the macaque monkey brain (Y. Nonaka, T. Hayashi et al.). 9. Neurophysiological characterization of magnetic seizure therapy (MST) in nonhuman primates (S.H. Lisanby, T. Moscrip et al.). 10. rTMS as treatment strategy in psychiatric disorders - neurobiological concepts (M.E. Keck).

Section III. Motor Control.

11. Motor cortical and other cortical interneuronal networks that generate very high frequency waves (V.E. Amassian, M. Stewart). 12. Generation of I-waves in the human: spinal recordings (V. Di Lazzaro, A. Oliviero et al.). 13. Surround inhibition (M. Hallett). 14. Functional connectivity of the human premotor and motor cortex explored with TMS (T. Bäumer, J.C. Rothwell, A. Münchau). 15. Inhibitory control of acquired motor programmes in the human brain (C. Gerloff, F. Hummel). 16. Motor control in mirror movements: studies with transcranial magnetic stimulation (M. Cincotta, A. Borgheresi et al.). 17. Impact of interhemispheric inhibition on excitability of the non-lesioned motor cortex after acute stroke (L. Nie


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