This volume discusses major areas of primary concern for the understanding of the complexity associated with ecological trace element research. These include sources and fates of trace elements; analytical techniques; and the distribution of trace elements in biota and soil and sediment reservoirs.

Case studies, field work and laboratory studies intensively discussed in this volume are useful to enhance our knowledge about processes related to the biological response of trace metal stress under realistic environmental conditions.


For chemists, biochemists, biologists and geologists interested in ecological pollution research, particularly in the area of ecotoxicology and environmental analysis.

Table of Contents

Series preface. Preface. General Aspects. Distribution and effects of trace substances in soils, plants and animals (B. Markert, G. Kayser, S. Korhammer, J. Oehlmann). Natural trace element input to the soil-sediment-water-plant system: examples of background and contaminated situations in Switzerland, Eastern France and Northern Italy (H.-R. Pfeifer, M.-H. Derron, D. Rey, C. Schlegal, O. Atteia, R. Dalla Piazza, J.-P. Dubois, Y. Mandia). Cadmium in the environment of Central Europe (M. Ursínyová, V. Hladíková). Lead in the environment of Central Europe (M. Ursínyová, V. Hladíková). Analytical Techniques. Instrumental techniques for trace analysis (R. Djingova, I. Kuleff). Nuclear analytical techniques in atmospheric trace element studies in Portugal (M.C. Freitas, M.A. Reis, L.C. Alves, H. Th. Wolterbeek). Chemical analysis of organoarsenic based chemical warfare agents in the environment (F.-A. Pitten, K. Thurow, A. Koch, A. Kramer). Botanical Samples. Environment and elemental content of lichens (J. Garty). Trace metals, other chemical elements and lichen physiology: research in the nineties (J. Garty). Assessment of metal pollution of aquatic systems with the water moss Fontinalis antipyretica L. ex. Hedw. – from fundamental investigations to physiological effects (I. Bruns, K. Friese, G. Krauss, G.-J. Krauss). Antimony contents in plant species growing in an Sb-mining district (Tuscany, Italy) (F. Baroni, A. Boscagli, G. Protano, F. Riccobono). Foliar heavy metals in trees from a tropical rain forest in Sarawak (G. Breulmann, K. Ogino, B. Markert). Trace metals in tree-rings: what do they tell us? (J. Hagemeyer). Zoological Samples. Mercury induced alterations in the energetics of hepatopancreas of two freshwater molluscs, Pila globosa and Lamellidens marginalis (B. Sivaramakrishna, K. Radhakrishnaiah). Eff


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