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Print ISBN: 9780124732704
eBook ISBN: 9780080543116
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 3rd September 1999
Page Count: 1330
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Toxicology is a comprehensive text for researchers and graduate students in toxicology and public health. It addresses every aspect of the field, starting with the fundamentals and incorporating such areas as organ toxicology, applications, and environmental toxicology. In addition to covering the traditional subject matter of toxicology, special emphasis has been placed on recent areas of interest, such as risk assessment, apoptosis, and methodical developments.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Comprehensive text, covering all aspects of the field of toxicology

  • Analyzes the importance of toxicokinetics and metabolism as well as cellular targets for the mechanisms of toxic effects
  • Identifies the various classes of chemical compounds responsible for the toxic effects
  • Describes the approaches and methods used by various disciplines which investigate toxic effects and their prevention
  • Adapted from a very successful German text, this edition is completely revised and expanded
  • The text is well illustrated with diagrams, charts, and tables


Graduate students in toxicology, pharmacology, and public health; researchers; libraries.

Table of Contents

H. Marquardt and S. Schäfer, Foreword. Fundamentals:

D. Milles, History of Toxicology.

L. Hothorn and G. Hajian, Biostatistics in Toxicology.

B. Fichtl, Toxicokinetics.

F. Oesch and M. Arand, Xenobiotic Metabolism.

M. Younes, Free Radicals and Reactive Oxygen Species.

D. Brusick, Genetic Toxicology.

H. Marquardt, Chemical Carcinogenesis.

R. Schulte-Hermann, B. Marian, and W. Bursch, Tumor Promotion.

K. Tindall and R. Tennant, Transgenic Rodent Models.

J.-A. Gustafsson and C. Corton, Receptor Biology and Pathobiology.

D. Polka, Mechanisms of Toxicity: Programmed Cell Death (Apoptosis).

J.P. Groton, P.J. van Bladeren, F.R. Cassee, C. De Rosa, and V. Feron, Mixtures.


R. Kahl, The Liver.

C. Cojocel and E. Lock, The Kidney.

H. Muhle and R. McClellan, Respiratory Tract.

P. Eyer and R. Klimmek, Blood and Blood Forming Organs.

D. Neubert, Immune System.

J. Riviere and N. Montiero-Riviere, Skin Toxicology.

R. Pfeiffer, Eye.

D. Ray and K. Andreas, Nervous System.

D. Neubert and F. Welsch, Reproduction and Development.

J. Thomas and M. Thomas, Endocrine System-Adrenal Cortex Thyroid and Pancreas.

K. Schümann, B. Elsenhans, and E. Richter, Gastrointestinal Tract.

P. Boor, Cardiovascular Toxicology.

Toxicology of Compounds:

G. Koss and I. Tesseraux, Hydrocarbons.

H. Bolt and J. Borlak, Halogenated Hydrocarbon


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"... I found this a very readable and accessible textbook , which is well laid out with clear and helpful illustrations ... its coverage of topics not dealt with in other similar textbooks should make it an essential purchase for all academic and industry librarians." — British Toxicology Society Newsletter "A feast of toxicology, this large book consists of 52 chapters, once for each week of the year... Unlike many multi-author works, the standard of writing is uniform and of a high standard... The layout is pleasant, the diagrams and photographs are clear and tables of data abound. The absence of colour is overshadowed by the overall excellent quality of the publication. The editors are to be commended for making available such a comprehensive coverage of toxicology between the covers of a single volume. I would recommend this as a text for a full year of study in toxicology at advanced undergraduate level or higher." -Today's Life Science