Although toxicologic studies in the laboratory often focus on a single chemical, in the larger world, mixtures of chemicals are routinely encountered. Toxicology of Chemical Mixtures examines the mechanisms of interactions and health effects stemming from chemical mixtures in the environment. Toxicologists, pharmacologists, environmental scientists, and professionals involved in environmental clean-ups will benefit from its content. Emphasis is on low-level, long-term exposure.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Some of the issues addressed include: * Target organ toxicities in response to chemical mixture exposures * Risk assessment and experimental approaches * Case studies and special pollution problems * Special pollution problems


Toxicologists, hazardous waste specialists, environmental scientists, and public health officials.

Table of Contents

R.S.H. Yang, Introduction to the Toxicology of Chemical Mixtures. Real Life Case Studies or Special Problem-Related Situations: J.B. Silkworth, Love Canal: Development of the Toxicologic Evaluation of Its Complex Chemical Contamination. D.C. Villeneuve, I. Chu, and C.G. Rousseaux, Toxicology Studies on Mixtures of Chemical Contaminants in the Great Lakes. W.C. Lauer, G.W. Wolfe, and L.W. Condie, Health Effect Studies on Recycled Drinking Water fromSecondary Wastewater. R.E. Wyzga and L.S. Goldstein, Assessing the Carcinogenic Potency of Environmental Coal Tars, By-Products of Coal Gasification. R.S.H. Yang, Toxicology of Chemical Mixtures Derived from Hazardous Waste Sites or Applications of Pesticides and Fertilizers. R.F. Henderson and J.L. Mauderly, Diesel Exhaust: An Approach for the Study of the Toxicity of Chemical Mixtures. J.E. Chambers and G.D. Dorough, Toxicologic Problems Associated with Pesticide Mixtures and Pesticide Impurities. J. Huff, Carcinogenic Hazards from Eating Fish and Shellfish Contaminated with Disparate Complex Chemical Mixtures. Target Organ Toxicity or Special Toxicologic Responses Related to Chemical Mixture Exposures: D.R. Germolec and M.I. Luster, Immune Alterations Resulting from Exposure to Chemical Mixtures. A.D. Kligerman, In Vivo Cytogenetic Effects from Exposures to Chemical Mixtures. R.J. Kavlock and S.D. Perreault, Multiple Chemical Exposure and Risks of Adverse Reproductive Function and Outcome. H.M. Mehendale, Mechanism of the Interactive Amplification of Halomethane Hepatotoxicity and Lethality by Other Chemicals. J.E. Simmons, Nephrotoxicity Resulting from Multiple


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