Tourism Impacts, Planning and Management

1st Edition

Print ISBN: 9780750659703
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 9th June 2003
Page Count: 208


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Tourism Impacts, Planning and Management is a unique text, which links these three key areas of tourism: impacts, planning and management. Tourism impacts are multi-faceted and therefore are difficult to plan for and manage. This book looks at all the key players involved - be they tourists, host communities or industry members - and considers a number of approaches and techniques for managing tourism successfully.

Divided into four parts, this text discusses:

  • The growth, development and impacts of tourism
  • Tourism planning and management: concepts, issues and key players
  • Tools and techniques in tourism planning and management: education, regulation and information technology
  • The future of tourism planning and management: issues of sustainability and the future

Up-to-date, international case studies are used, for example the impacts of 9/11 and terrorism in Bali, to illustrate and provide a real-life context for the theories discussed. Exercises are also included to consolidate learning.

Table of Contents

Social change and the growth of tourism; Theoretical perspectives on tourism development; An introduction to tourism impacts; Economic impacts of tourism; Socio-cultural impacts of tourism; holistic perspectives on tourism impacts; Tourism planning and management: concepts and issues; Key players in tourism planning and management; Visitor management; managing the natural resources for tourism; The host community; The tourism industry; Partnerships and collaboration in tourism planning and management; Educational techniques in tourism planning and management; Regulation and tourism planning and management; Information technology and tourism management; Issues of sustainability and planning and management; Conclusions and the future of tourism planning and management


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