Torchbearers of Chemistry

Torchbearers of Chemistry

Portraits and Brief Biographies of Scientists Who Have Contributed to the Making of Modern Chemistry

1st Edition - January 1, 1949

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  • Author: Henry Monmouth Smith
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483223087

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Torchbearers of Chemistry is a collection of portraits and brief biographies of scientists who have contributed to the making of modern chemistry. These men of science made knowledge more accurate, more extensive, and enormously deeper and certain than is recorded in any previous civilization of which any verifiable knowledge exists. This book illustrates the essential difference between various periods of civilizations concerning knowledge of chemistry. The following group of portraits originated from a small private collection which was placed on the walls of the Chemistry Department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This book will prove useful to chemistry researchers, teachers, and students.

Table of Contents

  • Frontispiece


    The Spirit of Chemistry


    Richard Abegg

    Frederick Abel

    Albertus Magnus

    André Ampère

    Henry Armstrong

    Svante Arrhenius

    Karl Auwers

    Amadeo Avogadro

    Francis Bacon

    Roger Bacon

    Adolf Baeyer

    Antoine Balard

    Johann Becher

    Ernst Beckmann

    Henri Becquerel

    Friedrich Beilstein

    Torbern Bergman

    Marcellin Berthelot

    Claude Berthollet

    Jöns Berselius

    Henry Bessemer

    Henry Bessemer (Caricature)

    Joseph Black

    Herman Boerhaave

    Paul Boisbaudran

    Jean Boussingault

    Robert Boyle

    William Bragg

    Julius Brühl

    Heinrich Brunck

    Cornells Bruyn

    Eduard Buchner

    Robert Bunsen

    Auguste Cahours

    Stanislao Cannizsaro

    Heinrich Caro

    Henry Cavendish

    Jean Chaptal

    Michel Chevreul

    Giacomo Ciamician

    Per Cleve

    James Crafts

    William Crookes

    William Crookes (Caricature)

    Marie Curie

    Monsieur and Madame Curie (Caricature)

    Theodor Curtius

    Louis Daguerre

    John Dalton

    John Dalton (Mural)

    Jean Darcet

    Jean Pierre Darcet

    Humphry Davy

    Humphry Davy (Caricature)

    Henry Deacon

    Henri Debray

    John Dee 67

    John Dee's Crystal and Seal

    John Dee and Rudolph II

    Street of the Goldmakers

    Divine Metamorphosis

    Max Delbrück

    Eugène Demarçay

    Henri Deville

    Henri Deville (Mural)

    James Dewar

    Johann Doebereiner

    Pierre Dulong

    Jean Dumas

    Paul Ehrlich

    Emil Erlenmeyer

    Michael Faraday

    Michael Faraday (Caricature)

    Herman Fehling

    Emil Fischer

    Rudolf Fittig

    Antonine Fourcroy

    Edward Frankland

    Karl Fresenius

    Charles Friedel

    Carl Friedheim

    Paul Friedländer

    Johann Gahn

    Ludwig Gattermann

    Armand Gautier

    Joseph Gay-Lussac

    GayLussac and Biot


    Étienne Geoffroy

    Charles Gerhardt

    Josiah Gibbs


    Aimé Girard

    Johann Glauber

    Leopold Gmelin

    Hans Goldschmidt

    Moses Gomberg



    Thomas Graham

    Johann Griess

    Victor Grignard

    Louis Grimaux

    Phillippe Guye

    Fritz Haber

    Charles Hall

    Albin Haller

    Maurice Hanriot

    Arthur Harden

    Paul Hautefeuille

    Walter Hempel

    August Hofmann

    August Hofmann

    Founders of the Dye Industry

    Felix Hoppe-Seyler

    Eben Horsford

    August Horstmann


    Charles James

    Émile Jungfleisch

    Georg Kahlbaum

    Friedrich Kekulé

    Kekulé: A burlesque on his dreams

    Edward Kelley

    Gustav Kirchhoff

    Johan Kjeldahl

    Martin Klaproth

    Friedrich Knapp

    Hermann Kolbe

    Hermann Kopp

    Johann Kunckel

    Albert Ladenburg

    Hans Landolt

    Auguste Laurent

    Antoine Lavoisier

    Lavoisier and Berthollet (Mural)

    Lavoisier in his Laboratory

    Lavoisier — His Arrest

    Lavoisier (Statue by Dalou)

    Joseph Le Bel

    Nicolas LeBlanc

    Henri LeChatelier

    Nicolas Lemery

    Gilbert Lewis

    Carl Liebermann

    Justus Liebig

    Liebig's Laboratory

    Liebig's Pupils

    Carl Linde

    Micháil Lomonósov

    Hendrik Lorentz

    Thaddeus Lowe

    Georg Lunge

    Jane Marcet

    Andreas Marggraf

    Jean Marignac

    John Mayow

    Dimitri Mendeléeff

    Lothar Meyer

    Victor Meyer

    Victor Meyer's Lecture Table

    Albert Michelson

    Eilhard Mitscherlich

    Karl Mohr

    Ferdinand Moissan

    Ludwig Mond

    Edward Morley

    Henry Moseley

    Charles Moureu

    William Murdock

    Walther Nernst

    Isaac Newton

    Lars Nilson

    Alfred Nobel

    Heike Onnes

    Wilhelm Ostwald

    Bernard Palissy


    Medicine in the Sixteenth Century

    Antoine Parmentier

    Louis Pasteur

    Louis Pasteur (Caricature)

    Eugène Péligot

    Pierre Pelletier

    Théophile Pélouse

    William Perkin

    William Perkin, Jr


    Max Pettenkofer

    Lyon Playfair

    William Pope

    Fritz Pregl

    Joseph Priestley

    Joseph Priestley — Library destroyed

    Joseph Proust

    William Prout

    Karl Rammelsberg

    William Ramsay

    William Ramsay (Caricature)

    François Raoult

    Lord Rayleigh

    Lord Rayleigh (Caricature)

    René de Réaumur

    Ira Remsen

    Theodore Richards

    Jeremias Richter

    Wilhelm Röntgen

    Henry Roscoe

    Heinrich Rose

    Guillaume Rouelle

    Jean de Rozier

    Count Rumford

    Lord Rutherford


    Carl Scheele (Statue by Börjeson)

    Carl Scheele (Miniature)

    Carl Scheele (Statue by Milks)

    Christian Schönbein

    Carl Schorlemmer

    Carl Schotten

    Paul Schutoenberger

    Richard Seifert


    Ernest Solvay

    Georg Stahl

    Jean Stas

    Louis Thenard

    Julius Thomsen

    Joseph Thomson

    Edward Thorpe

    William Tilden

    Bernhard Tollens

    Louis Troost

    Georges Urbain

    Johannes van der Waals

    Johann van Helmont

    Jacobus van't Hoff

    Louis Vauquelin

    Jacob Volhard

    Alessandro Volta

    Otto Wallach

    Karl Welsbach

    Alfred Werner

    Alexander Williamson

    Richard Willstätter

    Clemens Winkler

    Johannes Wislicenus

    Otto Witt

    Friedrich Wöhler

    William Wollaston

    Charles Wurti

    Richard Zsigmondy

    Bibliography of Biographies

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  • No. of pages: 270
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1949
  • Published: January 1, 1949
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483223087

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Henry Monmouth Smith

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