Tomorrow's Tourist, Volume 16

1st Edition

Scenarios & Trends

Authors: Ian Yeoman
Paperback ISBN: 9780080453392
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 19th June 2008


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Table of Contents

Foreword : Dr. Dirk Glaesser, UN World Tourism Organization

Section One - World Tourism in 2030 Introduction: World tourism and the tourist in 2030 The History of World Tourism What Will the World Look Like in 2030? What Will the Tourist be Doing in 2030? World Tourism in 2030

Section Two - The Tourist in 2030 The Health Tourist - Searching for the Fountain of Youth in Incredible India The U.S. Grand-Traveller: The Changing Roles of Families and Travel My Life in Pogradeci – The Phenomena of Second Home Living The Sex Tourist - If it Happens in Vegas, it Stays in Vegas Ostentatiously Expensive Dubai: The Phenomenon of the Retail Tourist in the Middle East Bridget Jones Goes on Holiday The Authentic Tourist: A Journey Through Africa From Birmingham to Mecca - The Ritual of Pilgrimage and the Desire for a Spiritual Experience Scotland's Food Tourist in 2015 The Sports Tourist: London's Urban Rat Race The Space Tourist: Redefining the Meaning of Luxury and the Desire for New Experiences The Gambler in Macau: The Las Vegas of the Orient The New Cultural Capitalist – The Rio Carnival Life on Mars - How Different Generations Perceive the Future of Holidays in Scotland The Asian Tigress: The Feminisation of the Business & Travel in China

Section Three – What if? What if? The World No Longer Wanted to Holiday in the US by 2030? What if? Global Warming and Climate Change Were to Change Our Holiday Plans What if? Governments Banned Tourism in 2030 Because it Was Deemed to be Immoral, Dangerous and Bad for the Environment

Section Four - How to? Futureproofing the Future


By 2030, China will be the world’s largest tourism destination, holidays in Outer Space will be the ultimate luxury experience, extreme Swedish ironing will be an Olympic Sport, embedded technologies will be the norm in future tourists and skiing in the Alps will be no more. These are some of the changes that will occur between now and 2030 that will change world tourism. Tomorrows Tourist: Scenarios & Trends enables readers to imagine what a future tourist might be, where they will go and what they will do. This is the most comprehensive analysis of how world tourism is changing and what it means for destinations.

Each chapter consists of a scenario about a future tourist, which is then is backed up with evidence and trends plus a number of assumptions about the future.

The book is accompanied by its own website at which is owned and regularly updated by the author.

Key Features

  • Based on first hand cutting edge futures research
  • Forecasts for World Tourism to 2030
  • Suggests what the tourist will be doing on holiday in 2030
  • Discuss issues such as climate change, alternative tourist destinations and consumer trends
  • Shows you how to apply trends in your business
  • Information provided by the Future Foundation, one of Europe’s leading consumer think tanks (


Industry leaders National tourism organisations Tourism researchers Market researchers Postgraduate tourism students Undergraduate 3rd & 4th year tourism students interested consumer behaviour and marketing


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