These Proceedings contain the papers presented at the 3rd IFAC International Workshop on Time Delay Systems, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 8 - 10 December 2001.

The first workshop in this series took place in Grenoble, France, 1998 and the second workshop was held in Ancona, Italy, 2000. This workshop's scope has expanded to include nonlinear systems. This workshop also contains various "new" applications of delay systems including those of communication networks and computing. The effects of delay are currently being felt in many research areas and this workshop was held in an attempt to bring together researchers from various technical fields in order to advance our understanding of delay phenomena in dynamical systems.


For systems and control engineers, mathematicians and researchers interested in time delay systems.

Table of Contents

Selected Papers. Robust Stabilization. Control of dead-time systems based on a transformation (Q.-C. Zhong).
Feedback Control Design. On a generalization of PID regulators for delay systems (M. Fliess et al.). Anisochronic state feedback design compensating for system delays (P. Zítek et al.) On decoupling of linear time delay systems by output feedback (R. Rabah, M. Malabre).
Plenary Paper. Stability, control and small delays (J.K. Hale).
Application in Engineering and Manufacturing. On closed-loop stability for mechanical systems with input delays (D. Ivanescu et al.). Control of microwave-propelled sails using delayed measurements (E. Schamiloglu et al.). Stability analysis of roll grinding delay system (L.H. Yuan et al.). Numerical simulation of dynamic rolling contact including delay effect from cover layer (V.-M. Järvenpää, L.H. Yuan).
Stability and Control of Time-Delay Systems. Stabilization of linear time-delay systems with anti-stable eigenvalues under amplitude and rate saturation (S. Tarbouriech et al.). Delay-independent circle criterion and Popov criterion (P.-A. Bliman). Improved performance for open-channel hydraulic systems using intermediate measurements (X. Litrico).
Stability and Tracking . Robust stability of time delay systems: Theory (J. Chiasson, C. Abdallah). Frequency domain stability criterion for discrete delay systems (E.I. Verriest). Tracking and disturbance attenuation for time delay systems in a robust sense (R. Prokop et al.).
Stability Analysis. Necessary and sufficient stability criteria for linear systems with delays (B. XU). A revisit of some delay-


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