These proceedings represent the most recent and complete state of the art review of three-dimensional models of the modern generation for the study of marine hydrodynamics and management of the marine system. The book is well illustrated by application to well-documented case studies.

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Perspective in three-dimensional modelling of the marine system (J.C.J. Nihoul, S. Djenidi). On modeling three-dimensional estuarine and marine hydrodynamics (Y.P. Sheng). Circulation modelling using orthogonal curvilinear coordinates (A.F. Blumberg, H.J. Herring). Predicting open ocean currents, fronts and eddies (A.R. Robinson). Preparation of estuary and marine model equations by generalized filtering methods (K.W. Bedford et al.). A limited area model for the Gulf Stream region (W.R. Holland). Study of transport fluctuations and meandering of the Florida current using an isopycnic coordinate numerical model (D.B. Boudra et al.). Dynamics of Agulhas retroflection and ring formation in a quasi-isopycnic coordinate numerical model (E.P. Chassignet, D.B. Boudra). Modelling of mesoscale oceanic instability processes (A. Beckmann). An eddy-resolving model for river plume fronts (J.W. Dippner). A finite different general circulation model for shelf seas and its application to low frequency variability on the North European shelf (J.O. Backhaus, D. Hainbucher). A three dimensional circulation model of the South China Sea (T. Pohlmann). The influence of boundary conditions on the circulation in the Greenland-Norwegian Sea. A numerical investigation (S. Legutke). A three dimensional baroclinic model of the western Baltic (M.J. Boehlich). A study of various open boundary conditions for wind-forced barotropic numerical ocean models (L.P. Røed, C.K. Cooper). Coastal currents, internal wave collapses and turbulence in the Strait of Messina zone (E. Salusti, R. Santoleri). A three-dimensional finite element model for the study of steady and non-steady natural flows (J.-L. Robert, Y. Ouellet). Real and spurious boundary layer effects in three-dimensional hydrodynamical models (B.M. Jamart, J. Ozer). A trophic-diffusion 3D model of the Venice Lagoon (C. Dejak, G. Pecenik). Three dimensional continental shelf hydrodynamics model including wave current interaction (


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