Thor's OS Xodus: Securely Migrating from Microsoft Windows to Mac OS X provides readers with everything they need to securely and successfully migrate from Microsoft to Mac. It includes information that can be found nowhere else, enabling users to execute a MSFT to OS X migration seamlessly and with minimal downtime.

The text is the most complete roadmap for entities that want to move away from Microsoft and decouple their dependency on Microsoft products. It is a perfect choice for enterprise computing, providing the ease and simplicity of a UI that can also be incredibly customized via configuration files because of its BSD core.

The text, authored by Thor Mullen, the founder of the "Hammer of God" security co-op group and Principal Security Architect for a worldwide, multi-billion dollar commerce platform, provides the perfect combination of Windows and Unix.

Key Features

  • Provides the best way to migrate from Microsoft products to OSX with information found in no other text
  • The most complete roadmap for entities who want to move away from Microsoft and decouple their dependency on Microsoft products
  • Authored by Thor Mullen, Principal Security Architect for a multi-billion dollar commerce platform, who teaches users how to create a secure OSX installation
  • Unique resource that provides valuable information on moving from IIS to Apache, from MS SQL Server to MySQL, from .NET to PHP


Information Security professionals of all levels, systems architects, app developers, project managers, IT decision makers, and a general consumer audience for those who want to migrate their systems.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. OS X, Privacy, and Online Safety: Technical Classes: Basic, Standard, Advanced, and Advanced+
    • Abstract
    • Section One: Logical Privacy and Security
    • Section Two: Technical Privacy and Security – Limiting Access to Sites
  • Chapter 2. OS Xodus – Media
    • Abstract
    • Step #1: Basic Media Sharing via iTunes
    • Step #2: Advanced Media Control
  • Chapter 3. The Interface
    • Abstract
    • Multiple Monitors and Customization
    • Finder and Navigation
    • Quick Look
    • Tags
    • Tagging With Spotlight
    • Apple Defaults and Script Editor
    • Encrypted Disk Images
    • Intelligent, Multi-Choice Dialog Boxes
    • Intelligent Shared File System Updates
    • Intelligent File Copy
  • Chapter 4. OS Xodus: Remote Access
    • Abstract
    • VNC
    • Apple Remote Desktop
    • iCloud’s Back to My Mac
    • SSH Supplement – Advanced Section
  • Chapter 5. OS X Server
    • Abstract
    • Medium Level Tech
    • Advanced Level Tech


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