The topics contained in this book represent timely and currently exciting areas of research focused on mitochondria. It forms a comprehensive and up-to-date record of present knowledge at the molecular level of many important mitochondrial processes. Major achievements as well as new openings in the field have been stressed in many of the contributions to the book. Thus, it represents a valuable source and reference book, comprising the most recent results in this area. The topics treated should attract the attention of scientists from various fields, who are interested in bioenergetics, molecular biology and pathology of mitochondria.

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BIOENERGETICS. New insight into the structure and mechanism of redox proton pumps. The respiratory stimulation of hyperthyroid mitochondria. Regulation of electron transport and proton pumping of cytochrome c oxidase by nucleotides and thyroid hormones. Mitochondrial oxygen uptake as the expression of both the one-trans-membrane and the bi-trans-membrane electron transport chains. Role of F0 and F1 subunits in the gating and coupling functions of the F0-F1 ATP synthase. Interference of sulfite and phosphate on the activation of bacterial H+-ATP synthase by &Dgr;&mgr;H+. Interaction of coenzyme Q with the mitochondrial respiratory chain. Some male sex hormones, progesterone and 6-ketocholestanol counteract uncoupling effect of low concentrations of the most active protonophores. Structure and mechanism of the Quinol-oxidation site of the mitochondrial bc1 complex.

TRANSPORT.25 years gated pore mechanism - Where are we now? Conformational changes of the beef heart and yeast mitochondrial ADP/ATP carrier. The mitochondrial uncoupling protein UCP / genetic and structural studies. Comparison of functional and structural aspects of the reconstituted phosphate and aspartate/glutamate carrier from mitochondria. New aspects in mitochondrial transport and metabolism of metabolites and vitamin derivatives. Further insight into the structural properties of the mitochondrial oxoglutarate carrier. The purified and reconstituted ornithine carrier from rat liver mitochondria catalyzes three different transport modes. The mitochondrial porins. The motor of mitochondrial protein import: a mitochondrial analog of the Sec63p-Kar2p system. The permeability transition pore. History and perspectives of a cyclosporin A-sensitive mitochondrial channel. On the nature of the cyclosporin A binding component of the mitochondrial Ca2+ - dependent pore.



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