Therapy & Learning Difficulties

1st Edition



  • John Swain
  • Sally French
    • Print ISBN 9780750639620


    Currently more and more therapists are working with people with learning difficulties. There is very little literature for therapists to consult and what there is is very medicalised and individualised. This book will take a broad view of people with a learning disability but will also focus on the practicalities of the therapist's work. Learning difficulties are put into perspective with social and historical contexts and describes therapy practice detailing issues of communication and working in teams with other health care professionals. This book tackles controversial issues such as sexuality, normalisation and challenging behaviour and is written by well known authors and contributors all with a wealth of experience. It is well referenced and well researched. Brimming with sound practical advice, this text will be of interest to student and practitioner physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction: changing reflections PART I. Towards Advocacy: Differing Viewpoints and Changing Times: An old story; A historical review of learning difficulties, remedial therapy and the rise of the professional therapist; Telling people what you think; Voices of people with learning difficulties; Understandings of learning disability; Learning difficulties - a biological perspective; Controversial issues - critical perspectives; Women speaking - personal experience in perspective; Controversial issues - critical perspectives; Women speaking - personal experience in perspective; Research and people with learning difficulties; PART II. Towards Participation: Learning Disabilities in a Social World: Disabled transitions - negotiating identities in a prescriptive world; Inclusive schools need an inclusive national curriculum; Further education and employment; Community and people with learning difficulties; Families - participation, advocacy and partnership; How can therapists help to promote the sexual well-being of adults with learning difficulties? A risk management dilemma; Bereavement, loss and grief; Challenging questions; Policies; Part III. Towards Partnership - The Practice of Therapy: Reflective practice and practitioner research; Working in partnership; Individual and group issues; Enhancing communication with people with severe and profound learning difficulties; Creative arts activities and therapies; Conclusion - reflections on Therapy and Learning Difficulties, Index


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