Theory of Jets in Ideal Fluids

Theory of Jets in Ideal Fluids

1st Edition - January 1, 1965

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  • Author: M. I. Gurevich
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483261751

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Theory of Jets in Ideal Fluids focuses on the use of hydrodynamics in the theory of jets in ideal fluids. The publication first offers information on the introduction to the theory of plane and steady jet flows and flow from a vessel. Discussions focus on flow from a rectangular vessel with an orifice at a corner; vessel with a funnel-shaped bottom and Borda's nozzle; flow from the opening between two flat plates; and Kirchhoff's method. The text then examines infinite flow past a polygonal obstacle, flow around curvilinear obstacles, and flow around a body at small cavitation number. Topics include cavitating flow around a circular cylinder; cavitating flow around a thin profile at an arbitrary angle of attack; cavitating flow around a flat plate; Villat's integro-differential equation and the existence and uniqueness of the solution; and flow past a plate with the separation from its upper surface. The book takes a look at the flow of a heavy fluid and the effects of surface tension, axisymmetric flow, jet flow of compressible fluid, and unsteady flows. The publication is a dependable reference for hydrodynamicists wanting to explore the theory of jets in ideal fluids.

Table of Contents

  • Preface

    Translators' Preface

    Author's Preface to the English Edition

    I. Introduction to the Theory of Plane, Steady Jet Flows

    A. Some Information on Kinematics

    B. A Remark About the Symmetry Principle

    C. Basic Assumptions

    D. Kirchhoff's Method

    E. Zhukovskii's Method

    F. Chaplygin's Singular-Point Method

    II. Flow from a Vessel

    A. Flow from a Vessel with Oblique Walls

    B. Symmetric Orifice in a Rectangular Vessel

    C. Flow from the Opening Between Two Flat Plates

    D. Vessel with a Funnel-Shaped Bottom and Borda's Nozzle

    E. Lateral Flow from a Channel

    F. Flow from a Rectangular Vessel with an Orifice at a Corner

    III. Infinite Flow Past a Polygonal Obstacle

    A. Flow Around a Wedge

    B. Jet Flow Around a Plate with a Stagnation Region in Front of It

    C. Flow Past a Plate with a Separation from Its Upper Surface

    D. Criticism of Jet Theory

    IV. Flow Around Curvilinear Obstacles

    A. Levi-Civita's Method

    B. Flow Around a Circular Cylinder

    C. Villat's Integro-Differential Equation and the Existence and Uniqueness of the Solution

    D. Sedov's Method

    E. The Inverse Problem

    V. Flow Around a Body at Small Cavitation Number

    A. Cavitation

    B. Cavitating Flow Around a Flat Plate

    C. Symmetric Cavitating Flow Around a Wedge

    D. Cavitating Flow Around a Circular Cylinder

    E. Cavitating Flow Around a Thin Profile at an Arbitrary Angle of Attack

    VI. Flow of Limited Jets Around Obstacles

    A. Flow Around a Wedge in a Jet of Finite Width

    B. Flow Around a Flat Plate in the Presence of a Wall

    C. Cascade Flow

    D. A Cylinder Between Two Walls

    E. Symmetric Cavitating Flow Around a Wedge in a Channel

    F. Cavitating Cascade Flow

    VII. Planing Surfaces and Hydrofoils

    A. Phenomenon of Planing--The Planing Flat Plate

    B. Planing Over the Surface of a Fluid of Finite Depth--Tandem Flat Plates

    C. Hydrofoils Beneath a Free Surface

    VIII. Various Free-Jet Problems

    A. Collision of Jets. Hollow Charges and Armor-Piercing Jets

    B. Jet Flows with Singularities in the Region Occupied by the Fluid

    C. Other Problems

    IX. Unsteady Flows

    A. Flat Plate in an Accelerated Flow

    B. Motion of a Streamlined Contour in a Separated Flow

    C. Weakly Perturbed Jet Flow

    D. Surface Impact of a Wedge

    X. Jet Flow of Compressible Fluid

    A. Chaplygin's Equation for Two-Dimensional Steady Flow of a Gas

    B. Exact Solutions to Chaplygin's Equation for Subsonic Flow

    C. Chaplygin's Approximate Method

    D. A Survey of Extensions of Chaplygin's Approximate Method

    XI. Axisymmetric Flow

    A. Problem Statement and Approximate Methods of Solution

    B. A Survey of References on Axisymmetric Jet Flows

    C. The Asymptotic Law of Jet Shape with Applications

    XII. Flow of a Heavy Fluid and the Effects of Surface Tension

    A. Exact Solutions

    B. The Influence of Surface Tension on Free Surface Flows

    C. Approximate Solutions for Heavy Fluid Flows


    Subject Index

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  • No. of pages: 602
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1965
  • Published: January 1, 1965
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483261751

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M. I. Gurevich

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