This volume is the result of an international comparative research project entitled "The Future of Rural Communities in Industrialized Societies". The presentation of national studies led to discussions on the methods of local studies, on their theoretical basis and on their scientific and practical use. It is these discussions which are featured in this book. The national studies themselves are now published by Pergamon Press in volumes I and II of Rural Community Studies in Europe, with a third volume to come.


Of interest to researchers in social science and specialists in community studies.

Table of Contents

(partial) Statistical Typologies: A typological method for the study of rural societies, M Jollivet. Typologies of rural collectivities and the study of social development: theoretical and methodological aspects, U Planck. Village typology in Poland, B Galeski & A Szemberg. Qualitative Models: Outline for an analysis of the French peasantry, H Mendras. Spatial aspects of rural community studies, D G Symes. Restudies of Communities: Methodological issues concerning restudies on local rural communities, Z T Wierzbicki. Study and restudy of a village, J Maho. Approaches and methods used in the study and restudy of ten German villages, B van Deenen. The community as a research variable, W H Douma. Bibliography of the Methodology of Rural Community Studies: I Mihailescu.


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