Key Features

  • Excellent illustrations accompany each monograph to aid learning
  • First book to cover broader historical
  • perspective and discussions of issues surrounding each herb
  • Written by leading experts who are well known in the field
  • Includes some monographs of which there is little material already available
  • The bibliographic evidence provided could support applications for registration of Herbal Medicinal Products under the provisions of the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Product Directive

  • An excellent valuable resource for everyone interested in herbal medicine

Table of Contents

Preface ix

1 The historical sources

2 Some observations on the Western herbal tradition

3 Origins and proponents of the revival of herbal medicine in 19th century Britain

4 A note on Goethe

5 Notes on botanical descriptions, constituents and dosage

6 Agrimonia eupatoria, agrimony

7 Alchemilla vulgaris, lady’s mantle

8 Althaea officinalis, marshmallow; Malva sylvestris, common mallow; Alcea rosea,


9 Apium graveolens, wild celery

10 Arctium lappa, burdock

11 Artemisia absinthium, wormwood

12 Artemisia vulgaris, mugwort

13 Centaurium erythraea, centaury

14 Daucus carota, wild carrot

15 Drimia maritima, squill

16 Fumaria officinalis, fumitory

17 Galium aparine, goosegrass

18 Glechoma hederacea, ground ivy

19 Hyssopus officinalis, hyssop

20 Inula helenium, elecampane

21 Lamium album, white deadnettle

22 Ocimum basilicum, basil

23 Paeonia officinalis, paeony

24 Potentilla erecta, tormentil

25 Rosa damascene, damask rose

26 Rubus idaeus, raspberry

27 Ruta graveolens, rue

28 Scrophularia nodosa, figwort

29 Stachys officinalis, wood betony

30 Tussilago farfara, coltsfoot

31 Verbena officinalis, vervain

32 Viola odorata, sweet violet; Viola tricolour, heartsease


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