The Theory of Kinetics covers the practice and theory of kinetics and the kinetics of inorganic and organic reactions in gaseous and condensed phases and at interfaces. This text is composed of five chapters and starts with a review of the kinetic characterization of complex reaction systems. The succeeding chapter describes the formal and radical kinetics, as well as the energy factor in chain reactions. These topics are followed by a survey of the theory of the kinetics of elementary gas phase reactions and the unimolecular reaction of activated chemical species. The discussion then shifts to the general properties, reactions, and the theory of elementary reactions in solution. The last chapter examines the theory of kinetics of solid-state reactions. This book is of great value to physical, inorganic, and organic chemists.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Kinetic Characterization of Complex Reaction Systems


1. First Order Reactions

1.I Reversible Reactions

1.II Parallel Reactions

1.III Parallel Reactions with Reversible Reaction Step

1.IV Consecutive Reactions

1.V Consecutive Reactions with Reversible Reaction Step

1.VI Competitive-Consecutive Reactions

1.VII Competitive-Consecutive Reactions with Reversible Reaction Step

2. Second and Mixed First-Second Order Reactions

2.I Reversible Reactions

2.II Parallel Reactions

2.III Parallel Reactions with Reversible Reaction Step

2.IV Consecutive Reactions

2.V Consecutive Reactions with Reversible Reaction Step

2.VI Competitive-Consecutive Reactions

2.VII Competitive-Consecutive Reactions with Reversible Reaction Step

3. Third Order Reactions

3.I Reversible Reactions

4. nTH Order Reactions

4.I Parallel Reactions

4.II Consecutive Reactions



Chapter 2 Chain Reactions

1. Introduction

2. Formal Kinetics of Chain Reactions

2.1 Unbranched Chain Reactions

2.2 Branched Chain Reactions

2.3 Effect of the Wall on Chain Reactions

3. Radical Chain Reactions

3.1 Reactions of Halogens with Hydrogen

3.2 Reaction of Hydrogen with Oxygen

3.3 Oxidation of Hydrocarbons

4. The Energy Factor in Chain Reactions

4.1 Energy Exchange in the Chemical Interaction of Molecules

4.2 Radical-Energy Chains


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