Key Features

Presents 400 cases and over 700 high-quality images that help you diagnose musculoskeletal diseases easier.

Features the full text online, including all of the book’s illustrations and links to Medline for convenient referencing anytime, anywhere.

Offers the capability that lets you turn labels on or off, for online images, so you can test your knowledge and gain easy recall.

Discusses the most up-to-date radiologic modalities and technologies to keep you current in your practice.

Provides brief but thorough descriptions of findings putting the information you need at your fingertips.

Offers suggested readings of the most important references for more information on specific topics of interest.

  Structures every chapter consistently to include Demographics/Clinical History, Findings, Discussion, Characteristic/Clinical Features, Radiologic Findings, Primary Differential Diagnosis, and Suggested Readings to make reference a snap

See how to resolve challenging diagnostic questions by reviewing discussions of similar cases.



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