The Solar System

1st Edition

Authors: B. W. Jones
Paperback ISBN: 9780080264950
eBook ISBN: 9781483293165
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 16th January 1984
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Presents a contemporary picture of the solar system, including a description of the Earth, Mars, Venus, cratered worlds, exotic rocks and ices, and giant planets. It is pitched at an introductory level and assumes no previous knowledge of planetary astronomy. Little mathematics is used in the text and the numerous graphs and diagrams are kept as simple as possible. End of chapter exercises are provided. The book can be used as an end in itself, or as a preparation for more advanced study, for which references are given.


For introductory level courses on the solar system at colleges and universities; amateur astronomers; and scientists working in areas other than astronomy.

Table of Contents

(partial) Study guide. The main features of the solar system. The Earth. Mars. Venus. The acquisition of volatiles by the terrestrial planets. The Moon. Mercury. Impact cratering of the terrestrial planets. The Jovian system. The Saturnian system. Planetary rings. The system of Uranus. The system of Neptune. Pluto, comets, asteroids and meteoroids. The origin, and end, of planetary systems. Some further reading. Index.


© Pergamon 1984
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About the Author

B. W. Jones

Affiliations and Expertise

The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK