This book represents the state-of-the-art in the field of skin and autoimmune rheumatic diseases. It covers systematically a growing and multifaceted topic which is of great importance in the clinical practice. It also serves as a sharp educational tool as each chapter provides summaries and specific highlights to key references cited into the text. The pathophysiological link between skin involvement and autoimmunity has been explained in detail, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic aspects. This book yields an impressive body of well ordered information which summarizes the experience of a selected panel of distinguished physicians and scientists actively involved in the field of skin immunology and systemic autoimmunity.

Key Features

* Written by a respected panel of distinguished physician-scientists actively involved in the field of skin immunology and systemic autoimmunity * Box summaries at the end of each chapter highlight important topics * Up-to-date basic knowledge as well as modern approach to diagnosis and therapy


Dermatologists, rheumatologists, internal medicine specialists, immunologists, medical/scientific management and pharmaceutical Companies

Table of Contents

THE SKIN AND THE IMMUNE SYSTEM The skin as an immunologic organ T cells and dendritic cells in immuno-mediated skin pathology The skin cytokine-chemokine network Autoantibodies and skin involvement in systemic autoimmune diseases. Outcome measure in autoimmune skin diseases. Capillaroscopy: which is its role in the diagnosis of connective tissue diseases? SKIN INVOLVEMENT IN SYSTEMIC AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES Photosensitivity in rheumatic diseases. LE-specific and LE-non specific skin manifestations in SLE Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus Differential diagnosis of LE-specific skin lesions Skin alterations in antiphospholipid syndrome Systemic sclerosis Dermatitis in dermatopolymiositis Mucocutaneous manifestations of Sjogren’s syndrome Rheumatoid arthritis and the skin Rcurrent oral aphtosis and skin manifestations in Bechet’s disease SKIN MANIFESTATIONS IN VASCULITIDIS Leukocytoclastic and urticarial vasculitis Henoch-Schoenlein purpura Essential Mixed Cryoglobulinemia Granulomatous vasculitis Kawasaki NEW INSIGHT IN THE TREATMENT OF SKIN MANIFESTATIONS OF SYSTEMIC AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES Skin targets for new biological agents in systemic autoimmune diseases New trends in systemic immunosuppressive treatment


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