The Scattering of Light and Other Electromagnetic Radiation

The Scattering of Light and Other Electromagnetic Radiation

1st Edition - January 1, 1969
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  • Author: Milton Kerker
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483225241

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The Scattering of Light and other Electromagnetic Radiation covers the theory of electromagnetic scattering and its practical applications to light scattering. This book is divided into 10 chapters that particularly present examples of practical applications to light scattering from colloidal and macromolecular systems. The opening chapters survey the physical concept of electromagnetic waves and optics. The subsequent chapters deal with the theory of scattering by spheres and infinitely long cylinders. These topics are followed by discussions on the application of light scattering to the determination of the size distribution of colloidal particles. The last chapters are devoted to the Rayleigh-Debye scattering and the scattering by liquids, as well as the concept of anisotropy. These chapters also describe the effect upon light scattering of partial orientation of anisotropic particles in electrical and magnetic fields and in viscous flow. This book is of value to physical chemists and physical chemistry researchers, teachers, and students.

Table of Contents

  • Preface


    Glossary of Principal Symbols

    Chapter 1. Introduction

    1.1 Résumé

    1.2 Notation

    Chapter 2. Electromagnetic Waves

    2.1 Maxwell's Equations

    2.2 Electromagnetic Waves

    2.3 Polarization

    2.4 Geometrical Optics

    2.5 Interference and Diffraction

    2.6 Surface Waves

    Chapter 3. Scattering by a Sphere

    3.1 Historical Introduction. The Color and the Polarization of Skylight

    3.2 The Rayleigh Theory of Scattering by Small Dielectric Spheres

    3.3 General Theory of Scattering by a Sphere

    3.4 Historical Postscript

    3.5 Notation

    3.6 Bessel Functions

    3.7 Legendre Functions

    3.8 Tabulations of Scattering Functions for Spherical Particles

    3.9 Approximations

    3.10 Point Matching Method

    3.11 Radiation Pressure

    Chapter 4. The Scattering Functions for Spheres

    4.1 Scattering Coefficients

    4.2 Efficiency Factors

    4.3 Backscatter

    4.4 Angular Intensity Functions

    4.5 Radiation Pressure

    4.6 Plasmas

    Chapter 5. Scattering by Stratified Spheres

    5.1 Coated Sphere

    5.2 Numerical Results for Coated Spheres; Qsca

    5.3 Numerical Results for Coated Spheres; Backscatter

    5.4 Multilayered Spheres

    5.5 Spherically Symmetrical Lenses

    5.6 Spheres with Continuously Variable Refractive Index

    5.7 Neighboring Spheres

    Chapter 6. Scattering by Infinite Cylinders

    6.1 Homogeneous Circular Cylinders

    6.2 Radially Stratified Cylinders

    6.3 Variable Refractive Index

    6.4 Anisotropie Cylinders

    6.5 The Scattering Functions for Cylinders

    6.6 Noncircular Cylinders

    6.7 Experimental Results

    Chapter 7. Analysis of Particle Size

    7.1 Introduction

    7.2 Colloids with Narrow Size Distributions

    7.3 Average Size from Transmission

    7.4 Average Size from Angular Variation of Scattering

    7.5 Particle Size Distribution

    7.6 Color Effects

    Chapter 8. Rayleigh-Debye Scattering

    8.1 General Theory

    8.2 Size and Shape of Particles and Macromolecules

    8.3 Polydisperse Systems

    8.4 Inhomogeneous Media

    8.5 Size versus Shape Effects

    8.6 Table of Form Factors

    Chapter 9. Scattering by Liquids

    9.1 Pure Liquids

    9.2 Binary Solutions

    9.3 Multicomponent Solutions

    9.4 Critical Opalescence

    Chapter 10. Anisotropy

    10.1 Scattering by a Small Ellipsoid

    10.2 Effect of Anisotropy upon Intensity; Cabannes Factor

    10.3 Depolarization by Liquids

    10.4 Partial Orientation

    10.5 Optical Anisotropy

    10.6 Ellipsoids and Spheroids Comparable to the Wavelength


    Author Index

    Subject Index

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  • No. of pages: 684
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1969
  • Published: January 1, 1969
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483225241
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    Milton Kerker

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