'The only weapon effective against State force is the intellectual power of the citizens'. In this first translation of his bestseller in the Spanish-speaking world, Dr. Machado advances the fundamental tenets for humane socialism in the developing Third World. The colossal technological dominance by the developed nations must be faced by a strong and ringing claim to the educational emancipation which opposes totalitarianism and technocracy alike. 'No one is born civilised or primitive. The educational' - with this opening salvo Dr. Machado starts his demolition of the passive notions of 'natural intelligence' and 'natural superiority' which smooth the totalitarian path


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The Right To Be Intelligent Copyright Page Intelligence When "We Are All Equal" In The Biologically The Determining Universal Even Rationality On Earth Today A Human The First Just To Believe According It Is Social Until The Mastery Until Rarely The Education Every Intelligence Similar That Political As Human In Any The Fundamental The Rights The Right Everything Every History The Revolution The Task Until Economic The Chief The Mathematics In Some Doubtlessly The Development The Development Every The Most Today There Development The First Intellectual No People The Position Ideas Today A Society One Of Work Presently The Rule The Only Without The Equal History Everyone Intelligence The Establishment All The Truth The Free The Accelerating A Free Nothing What


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