Volume 47 of The Psychology of Learning and Motivation offers a discussion of the different factors that influence one's development as a mature and capable person. This is the latest release in this well-received and highly credible series of publications. Broad topics including linguistics, the art of design, categorization of the social world, conversation, and classification are explored to provide the reader with an understanding of these steps one must take during his or her personal and social development. This title is a valuable resource for both psychology researchers and their students.

Key Features

*Each of the seven chapters offers an in depth discussion of important influences on learning and motivation *Diverse topics are discussed at length *A great resource for academics, researchers, and advanced students


Psychology scholars, researchers, academics, and advanced students

Table of Contents

Preface Chapter 1 Relations and Categories Viviana A. Zelizer and Charles Tilly Chapter 2 Learning Linguistic Patterns Adele E. Goldberg Chapter 3 Understanding the Art of Design: Tools for the Next Edisonian Innovators Kristin L. Wood and Julie S. Linsey Chapter 4 Categorizing the Social World: Affect, Motivation, and Self-Regulation Galen V. Bodenhausen, Andrew R. Rodd and Andrew P. Becker Chapter 5 Reconsidering the Role of Structure in Vision Elan Barenholtz and Michael J. Tarr Chapter 6 Conversation as a Site of Category Learning and Category Use Dale J. Barr and Edmundo Kronmuller Chapter 7 Using Classification to Understand the Motivation-Learning Interface W. Todd Maddox, Arthur B. Markman and Grant C. Baldwin


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